True Green Living in Phoenix, Arizona: Artificial Grass is the Answer

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Why Go With Artificial Turf

Greener Arizona living can be difficult. Arizona has been facing water shortages for the past few years. This puts water conservation on the shoulders of everyone. Judicious use of water resources is important now more than ever. And not just for Arizona either. Water conservation is important for the entire US.

It’s easy to play your part in sustainable living. Replace your natural lawn with artificial grass. Choose artificial grass. Why? The reasons are many. Yet, we only mention a few in this article. Still, several valid points are made. We hope to convince you of the benefits as they relate to a sustainable environment.

The Dangerous Facts About a Natural Lawn

Natural lawns result in a massive drain on water. The average American uses 21,000 gallons of water to maintain their lawn. When it comes to sandy soils in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s worse. Because the water drains so quickly through the soil, it generates greater waste.

However,that’s not the only negative thing about maintaining a natural lawn.

Think about the things you use to make your lawn green. If you are like most Americans, fertilizers are the first to pop into your head. However, what many people don’t know is fertilizers are made using fuel oil. And when this is released to the atmosphere it results in massive environmental pollution.

To illustrate, 560 pounds of fertilizer are made from one barrel of oil.  Now consider this. The average American? They use 3 million metric tons annually. And this is just to make their natural lawn look great! The bad part? It consumes 11.8 million barrels of oil!

Finally, consider this. Mowing harms the environment. A study conducted by the Sweden’s Stockholm University is shocking. It revealed an hour of mowing equals 100 miles of driving. Since artificial grass requires no mowing, there is no pollution.

For Greener Arizona Living Install Artificial Grass

Furthermore, this fact can’t be denied. Natural lawns are a menace to the environment. In this context, artificial grass can serve as an alternative. It’s the path to a greener Arizona. It has many benefits. One, in particular, is a stand out.

What is it exactly?Aartificial grass is no watering. What’s more, there is no need for mowing or fertilizers. Your artificial grass will look green all year long. this is good news if you live in Phoenix, Arizona. For drought stricken areas, installing artificial grass is not an option. It’s a necessity. However, make sure you buy a quality product. To that end, choose one that will last a few decades or more.

High quality astro-turf can last a long time. Even better, upkeep is minimal. For greener Arizona living, astro-turf is the answer. Artificial grass can be installed in many areas. For instance, your outdoor kitchen, pet areas or around the pool are perfect. Furthermore, consider adding some on your patio or making a play area for the kids. People serious about doing their best for a green future, should consider artificial grass.



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