Artificial Grass for Your Backyard: Why It Makes Everything Better

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Why Go With Artificial Turf

Most of us are used to seeing artificial grass in stadiums. But that’s not the only place where synthetic grass can be used successfully. Grass made of synthetic material can be useful for households as well. The astro turf not only provides a beautiful curb appeal, but can also serve as a safe play area for children and pets. In short, artificial grass backyards makes everything better. Let’s look at some of the value added benefits you can get from replacing the grass in your backyard with artificial turf.

1. Significant Savings in Water Bills

To keep grass in the backyard looking green takes a lot of water, particularly in the summer season. This not only jacks up water bills, but also wastes lots of precious drinking water. The average water usage in the US is about 420 liters per day, which is much higher than the global average. One of the reasons behind this high water consumption is lawn maintenance.

Therefore, you could cut your water bill significantly by replacing natural grass in the front and the backyard with artificial grass. There is a very little outlay for maintaining the artificial turf, and you will be able to recover the costs of installing the synthetic grass in just three to four years. Besides, think about the other benefits artificial grass backyards have.

2. Safe Play Area for the Kids

Is your play area safe? Installing artificial grass for your backyard will ensure a safe play area for the kids. You don’t need to worry about slips and falls in muddy wet areas or your backyard garden. Furthermore, the soft synthetic grass cushions everything, even falls. This reduces the chance of injury.So, if you want your kids to be kids, artificial grass is a great answer for play spaces.

3. No More ‘Grass is Greener on the Other Side of Fence’

Another consideration, artificial grass remains perfectly green all year long. You no longer have to worry about the grass being unsightly due to burnt out patches. Who hasn’t had to deal with those during hot Arizona summers? Kiss those goodbye with artificial grass. No matter the climate or weather condition, you will not wonder whether the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. It always be be on yours!

4. Artificial Grass Backyards are Elder Friendly

Artificial grass backyards are great for older people as well. Senior individuals often don’t have the time to care and maintain the lawn. There is no need to mow the lawn or water it when synthetic grass is used. All you have to do is to brush off the dust just once or twice a month.

5. Great for a Lot of Other Reasons

Installing artificial turf in the backyard offers various other benefits as well. For instance, it is pet-friendly. You no longer have to worry about a dog digging the lawn, or muddy paws inside the house. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming in the backyard, installing artificial grass will be great around the pool areas. The dirt and dust won’t get inside the pool thereby saving cost in maintaining the pool.


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