There are signs artificial grass could be the future. It seems to be especially true for Arizona. You can see it creeping up all over the place. Seems like sustainability, evergreen quality and low maintenance make it a popular choice. Plus, Looking at search trends it’s easy to see how artificial grass could cover the state. With that in mind, consider the following points below. We think you will agree.

Signs Artificial Grass Could Be Arizona’s Future

1. Artificial Grass is a Trending Search in Phoenix, Arizona

According to Google Trends, artificial turf has increased in popularity. Furthermore, it has increased every year. This is a nationwide trend. However, it is trending heavily in Arizona. How do we know? Simple, data shows search volume is highest in our state. As a result, we know there is great interest in Phoenix, Arizona.

2. Water Scarcity is an Issue

Consider for Phoenix, Arizona’s water sources, including the Colorado River and Lake Mead.. They are depleting at unprecedented rates. This according to Central Arizona Project (CAP) .  Who are they? Arizona’s largest resource for renewable water supplies.

Therefore, It is vital our community works together to save water. SRP, one of Arizona’s largest utility companies, has surprising findings. They report 70% of residential water usage is outdoors. Obviously, this is due to watering real lawns. So, if artificial grass is the future, everything changes. Best of all, what a great way to save water. Remember, it is our precious and most limited resource.

3. Top Phoenix Businesses are Making the Switch

Camelback Inn just installed artificial turf. Also, Fire Sky Resort and Spa did too. And the Metropolitan Arts Institute in Phoenix? They did so last school year. Remember, commercial businesses think things through. When they upgrade, it’s typically well thought out.

This is why many resorts choose to invest in artificial grass. They see it as a way to keep tourism thriving. It works too. Natural-looking artificial turf easily pleases guests who desire lush, green surroundings. Finding it in the desert is a surprise!

Equally, there are signs artificial grass is a popular choice for commercial businesses. Why? Real grass lawns are too expensive. They are not practical for Arizona. Hence, water and maintenance savings make the choice smart. And since so many businesses and resorts are switching, take notice. Artificial grass could be the future for Arizona.

4. Home Owners are Installing Artificial Turf

It’s not just commercial businesses cashing in either. Phoenix home owners are following suit. As an artificial turf company, we see it happening right before our eyes. Besides, Arizona home owners call all the time. They say they can no longer afford their grass lawns. In other cases, people need pet-friendly areas for their dogs. It seems Phoenix loves being surrounded by green. Consequently, artificial grass is the most practical way to make it happen.

In conclusion, we have been doing this for 10 years. With each year, we install more. We do not expect the trend to go away. So if you are thinking about making the switch, great! Contact us for your free estimate.  It is the eco-friendly, financially sound choice. Instead of wondering about the trend, call us. We can make it a reality!