Seems like our artificial turf at Paradise Greens was built for Arizona because it can withstand the extremely hot temperatures we endure.To that end, keep reading for more information about our new cooling technology. Ultimately, we will show you how it was developed and how it works. As a result, we think you will be impressed!

I want to lay down on it & relax…maybe take a nap!! – Ruben, Paradise Green’s customer artificial turf review.


Our vision to Produce Artificial Grass Built for Arizona

Since we install artificial turf in Arizona for residential and commercial spaces, we have seen it all. As such, we made it our mission to develop a product built for the southwest environment. As a result, we worked closely with our USA manufacturer. Honestly, our goal was to develop an artificial turf built specifically for Arizona’s climate and weather patterns. With extreme heat as a concern, we contrived a cooling technology concept. Ultimately, this advanced technology keeps your artificial turf significantly cooler than artificial turf without this feature.

We are proud to say that we worked deliberately to develop the best artificial turf for the Arizona market through extensive research and development.  – Charlie Ferer, Founder and CEO

Artificial Turf Company in Scottsdale, AZ

How Cooling Technology Works

Paradise Green’s cool-blade technology works to dissipate rather than absorb the Arizona sun’s rays. Because of this, our turf is a superior option. To begin with, consider how hot the sun gets in Arizona. And now think about cheap turf getting hit with full sun all day. Rather than remain cool, it will be hot to the touch. Seems like cheap turf is a bad option with no cooling technology. However, that’s not say it is without merit. Since the grass would get really hot, you might not need a BBQ grill. Instead, just put the hot dogs on your cheap turf!

All kidding aside, think about the heat factor of cheap turf. Especially relevant, think before you choose hard rocks or stone. Consequently, they will retain far more heat than artificial turf. As a result, the heat will emanate from them to surrounding vegetation. Consequently, they will begin to dry out. At that point, watering is the only option and a costly one. However, a one time install of our artificial turf will keep your yard, and feet, cool all summer. Yet, don’t take our word for it. Rather, consider the comparison below.

Paradise Green’s Cool-Blade Tech Features

  • Built into the artificial grass blade
  • Keeps your artificial lawn at a comfortable temperature in comparison to turf without the cool-blade tech
  • Stays cooler than cement and rock would
  • Dissipates the sun’s rays
  • Made in the USA


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