Paradise Greens, a premier artificial turf installation company in Arizona, found a mission. More specific, they provided an alternative to costly lawn maintenance for one of their own. Who was the lucky person? Debbie Lee. She is founder of America’s Mighty Warriors and mother of American hero, Marc Lee. Yet, the install did not cost her one dime. Why? Because this artificial turf company supports Arizona military families.

Artificial Turf Installation Team

Ultimately, this is why Paradise Greens stepped up to help Debbie. Our artificial turf company supports Arizona families. In fact, we support military families especially. She, like many military families, was left to cope with the loss of her son. In addition to physical loss, there are emotional and financial consequences. The demands of life never cease. Hence, Paradise Greens offered support by replacing her front lawn and backyard. Most of all, Paradise Greens knew their exclusive synthetic lawn turf would reduce living costs. Keep reading for more.

Owner of Artificial Turf Company Supports Arizona Military Family in a Big Way

Since living costs were a concern, we had to help. Consequently, switching to a synthetic lawn makes a huge impact. In fact, people, like Debbie, can reduce monthly water bills by 70 percent. Also, artificial grass requires no fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. In addition, it’s low-maintenance, which saves time and money. Finally, it’s environmentally-friendly.Therefore, artificial turf makes good financial sense.

Also, Paradise Greens guaranteed switching to artificial grass will remedy other things. Especially relevant are the financial burden and labor associated with maintaining natural lawns. As a result, supporting a military family with this install made sense. for a few reasons. Read on for details. Much insight can be gained.

First, we knew we wanted to honor Debbie. Also, we knew switching would save her time and money. Rather than worry with maintenance or equipment repair, Debbie could simply enjoy her new lawn. Therefore, we gave it to her. As a result, her yard is worry free. Consequently, Arizona is more sustainable.

How Paradise Greens Became Involved

Charlie Ferer, owner of Paradise Greens, explains in his own words. “I met Debbie through some friends. We hit it off. After talking with staff, we just wanted to help her. So we came up with the idea of switching her lawn to artificial grass. Yet, our intention was to spread support for the military community too. And we went a step further. We installed a putting green in the backyard!”

So yes, Paradise Greens provided a new lawn for Debbie. This artificial turf company supports Arizona for sure. Additionally, we wanted to support the military community. Yet, there was a special reason behind the install. Because Debbie’s son was a war hero, we had to. While lost in combat, we were determined to honor his service. Therefore, we made this install top priority.


America’s Mighty Warriors, The Heartbeat of the Install

To truly understand, you need the back story. First of all, Debbie’s son, Marc Lee, was an amazing soldier. Especially relevant, he was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq (2006). As a result, Debbie founded America’s Mighty Warriors (AMW). They provide services for families of the fallen. Most of all, their mission is to honor the sacrifice our troops make. Therefore, they pay honor and respect to the fallen and their families through service.

Yet, it is no easy task. Since Debbie can’t do it alone, she sought help. As a result, she uses specific programs to help warriors and their families. And while participation is not mandatory, involvement improves quality of life, resiliency and recovery. AMW uses four main programs. They are:

  • Gold Star Respite Program

Truly unique, this program provides fun and relaxation for families of the fallen. In fact, participants have several options. For instance, they can attend concerts, retreats or other events. In addition, they may spend time at the Arizona Hope House to connect with family or friends. Yet, if that does not suit their schedule, they may attend other retreats sponsored by AMW.

  • Troop Advocacy Program

Sometimes you need an advocate. Due to the challenges these families face, AMW serves as one. In fact, you may find them before Congress raising awareness. Most noteworthy, this program seeks justice for families of the fallen. Troop advocacy makes a difference.

  • Helping Heroes Heal Program

As a result of this program, troops diagnosed with TBI gain access to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Also, AMW works with those suffering from PTSD to help them get treatment. In addition, they seek to pay for other treatments not covered by insurance. It’s important for service personnel to be taken care of after conflict. That’s why this program is so important.

  • Random Act of Kindness Program

Inspired by a letter from her son, this program seeks to spread goodness by giving. In fact, RAOK pays for thousands of meals, gift cards, gas and coffee for troops of the fallen. This is one of the best ways every day people can become involved. DOnations are always accepted.

Gold Star Mom Turned All Star Advocate

In conclusion, Debbie has completed a number of cross country tours as well. Furthermore, she was the First Gold Star Mom to visit the combat zone where her son died. Today, with more than 1,000 interviews, she continues advocating for awareness and military support. If you would like to help Debbie, visit America’s Mighty Warriors to learn more.

Sacrifices are made every day for our safety. Giving Debbie a new backyard was our way of saying thank you. Visit her site to see how you can do the same. There are many ways to contribute. Seems like an investment in our troops is always worthwhile. That’s why this artificial turf company supports Arizona military families. For more ways to get involved, contact us. If you are interested in artificial grass, we can help with that too.

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