There’s a reason that professional sports teams don’t mess around with natural or sod grass on their fields (for practice or games). Instead, synthetic turf has become the standard. So much more than an artificial turf company, Paradise Greens makes better athletes. We are the best provider of the highest quality synthetic turf products in the industry.

How Paradise Greens Makes Better Athletes

What makes Paradise Greens artificial grass for sports areas so necessary? For one, you can quit fretting over your field flooding before the big game! Paradise Greens synthetic grass drains more quickly than your starting pitcher’s fastball! Okay…maybe not that fast. But it does drain forty entire gallons per hour, per square foot. That’s juts one way Paradise Greens makes better athletes. For you, this means no more standing water on the field. Therefore no more standing around unable to play the big game because of soggy, muddy grass.

Colored basketball turfWe do the whole project; from the estimate to installation, and even customization. You will have several yarn options to choose from, which our salespeople are highly educated about. Together you can decide which specific surface will best fit your sporting needs. Paradise Greens makes better athletes by giving you the power of choice. After those decisions are made, we can apply the lines, hash marks, and numbers that you need, and we can help you choose a backing for your synthetic turf sports area!

Then, of course, we install your new playing field with utmost care and professionalism, regardless of how big or small the job is. At Paradise Greens, we specialize in larger-scale installations, but we are always happy to do the smallest of synthetic grass applications too. Give us a ring, get a free estimate, and play hard even when the weather tries to ruin the game!

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