So Let’s face it natural grass doesn’t grow in the desert. That is why it makes sense to switch to an artificial lawn by Paradise Greens! Consequently, the photos don’t lie! Backyard artificial lawns are the best!

Before and After

Backyard Artificial Lawns: Why They Matter

Take a look at the image and you can see what a difference artificial grass makes. This is true even in the smallest of spaces. In fact, this install proves it! Before, the small yard was plagued with brown spots and ugly thatch. Seems like it is difficult to keep even small spaces watered. Maybe the issue was sandy Arizona soil. There may have been a lack of top soil. Whatever the case, this yard was brown and unappealing. And they had a pool! However, who wants to hang out in a pool and look at brown grass?

That’s what we thought too. Nobody. So when they called and asked if backyard artificial lawns make a difference, we said YES! Consequently, we went to work and gave them the most amazing small space install! The end result is a true show stopper. So look at the space now and everything about it is better. Before, the landscape was hidden. Now, the green artificial grass highlights other shrubs and plants. Also, the only brown you notice is what should be noticed, umbrellas and brick. Previously, they all worked together to create a drab landscape. Now, they all work to compliment each other.

Ditch Drab with Paradise Greens

So do you see the benefit of backyard artificial lawns now? Maybe you want one of your own now. If so, Paradise Greens can help. First, we have experienced installers and the best selection of quality USA made products. We will help you transform your drab landscape into a lush oasis. That’s the power of backyard artificial lawns! Give brown spots and thatch the boot. Call Paradise Greens.