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When the client asked us to help with the outdoor living space in his backyard I wasn’t prepared for this idea but it’s brilliant! The trampoline in the ground surrounded by artificial grass! Safety first we always say!

artificial grass trampoline

The Ultimate Outdoor Living Backyard

So this outdoor living backyard surprised us for sure. Seems like they wanted to achieve new heights. Well, what better way to do that than with a trampoline artificial grass install. We consider the trampoline to be the feature. Think of it as one of those trendy Home and Garden shows with a snazzy host where they redo your yard. Only, instead of a water feature, you get a trampoline. Maybe this is not what you wife ordered, but your kids would be excited for sure!

However, look close at the image in this post. In the background there are pull up bars. This client uses the trampoline as part of their active lifestyle. So, when you view it that way, the install makes a lot of sense. Sinking the trampoline adds a safety element. It also allows the trampoline to blend into the landscape. How genius is this? Most trampolines are eyesores. Yet, with the help of artificial grass, and some clever thinking, this trampoline becomes a beautiful focal point instead!

Considering Artificial Grass?

If you have been thinking about artificial grass, Paradise Greens can help. We have the finest selection of USA made artificial grass. Also, our warranties aren’t bad either. Some of our products are guaranteed for 15 years. Furthermore, we have products that feature anti-glare and cooling technology. And our installers? Well, we have some of the best in the business. They show up on time and clean up when finished. How many artificial grass companies do you know with a team like that?

So please, give us a call. We would love to help you create the next amazing outdoor living space!