Artificial Grass is Practical

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Lets face it artificial grass is just more practical in a lot of situations. Here is one example where it was simply to complicated and costly to manage natural grass so replacing it with synthetic grass just makes sense! Let’s take a few moments and explore their situation. You will see why replacing their lawn with practical artificial grass made sense.


practical artificial grass

Practical Artificial Grass: A Much Needed Solution

If you look closely at their lawn, you will notice a few trouble spots. For starters, the shape is very awkward. Trying to cut this with a traditional lawn mower would take quite a bit of time. In fact, some would say it could take as much as mowing a larger size of regular shape due to all the intricacies and curbs involved. Either way, you would need to mow once a week for optimal look and feel!

Next, look at the shrubbery. While ornamental, maintaining grass underneath and around those spaces is challenging. For instance, how hard would it be to get a weed eater behind those palm fronds? The middle shrub in particular looks like it blocked out a lot of sunlight. If you look close, you can see bare spots directly in front.

Finally, let’s address the tree. In order for grass to grow, it needs light and water. Just getting one of those two will not work. Hence, the tree creates a problem. You will notice the bare spot underneath the tree due to shade. And while the homeowners certainly could have opted to plant shade loving ground cover, that would just be one more thing they would have to maintain. Instead,practical artificial grass what is the answer.

Look at how it cleaned up their yard too! No need for unsightly brick trim to delineate spaces between the gravel and grass. Also, the bricks around the palm trees are going to. When you go with practical artificial grass, everything about your green space improves. Not to mention, these homeowners will enjoy their new green space year-round with very minimal maintenance. No more noisy lawn equipment, no watering, and no harmful fertilizers or pesticides.

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