Artificial Grass Can Be Used in a Multitude of Ways

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Recent News

.These days, more people are opting for Synthetic Grass lawns from Paradise Greens. Seems like they choose it over real grass because it’s low-maintenance, eco-friendly, cost-effective and very realistic.  It’s not uncommon to see artificial grass in front of a neighbor’s home or in their back yard, especially in the Southwest. What may surprise you are some of the other places artificial grass lawns is utilized. Let’s look at some artificial grass uses

Artificial Grass Uses: One Product, Many Applications

Artificial Turf got its start in sports fields and sporting complexes, but today, the applications are virtually endless. One of the more creative uses is for dogs. For instance, people install it in dog kennels, dog runs, and lining the floors of dog houses. 

Synthetic Grass from Paradise Greens is used more and more in retail settings.  In Scottsdale’s Fashion Square, Paradise Greens used several of its Synthetic Turf products in patio displays; bringing a taste of the great outdoors inside (one of the more creative artificial grass uses).  Another innovative place for Synthetic Grass Paradise Greens has completed installations is as a flooring material for rooftop gardens.  Now even city dwellers, or home owners with limited space, can experience and enjoy a lush, outdoor environment. 

Have a Man Cave? Why Not Use Artificial Grass?

In Paradise Valley, Paradise Greens installed a putting green on the roof above a garage. The install allowed view of the spectacular panoramic rolling hills and mountainous countryside. Also, for the ideal “Man Cave” Paradise Greens had a unique install. We brought the outdoors in with custom putting greens and Artificial Grass. The result made you feel like you were on the sidelines of the big game!  Paradise Greens also installed Synthetic Grass in Scottsdale for a little sports enthusiast. Seems like he wanted soft, plush Artificial Turf in his bedroom instead of carpet. Hence, we gave it to him! Paradise Greens has even put Synthetic Turf on the the walls of homes and even on the ceiling!  A very strange concept but the final product looked amazing! There are so many artificial grass uses.

Thanks to its low-cost, versatility and eco-friendly attributes, Synthetic Grass from Paradise Greens is making an impact. And by that we mean many unusual places. Once thought to just be for sporting venues or front lawns, this though is no more. Artificial Turf has no limits save the customer’s imagination!

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