Artificial Grass: Dogs Love It and Can’t Destroy It

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Artificial Turf for Pets, Why Go With Artificial Turf


Enjoy all the comforts of real grass lawn, but never the problems with it! Seems like artificial grass owners will tell you that. And, if you have a four-legged family member, he will thank you for it! Fido will love the ability to romp and prance on the lawn without you worrying about him damaging the grass or marring the grass when he uses the lawn as his personal bathroom! Honestly, dogs love artificial grass! Furthermore, synthetic grass is becoming popular across the country, particularly among pet owners. There are several reasons behind this.

Why Dogs Love Artificial Grass and Owners Need It!

So let’s start here. First, imagine a lawn that does not have bald spots or holes?Now be honest. Do you think it would be possible to maintain a pristine lawn with a dog in the family? While it’s true, dogs by nature love to dig and chew. Yet, with synthetic grass, this does not happen. Because, there are no organic-smells, Fido will not be tempted to dig and chew.

Next, when a dog decides to use your lawn as a toilet, you will notice the grass turning yellow because of presence of nitrogen, urea and other chemicals in the waste. Thankfully, this will not be a problem with artificial grass, as it is immune to all chemicals present in your dog’s waste.

So what makes synthetic grass a pleasure for pet owners? Honestly, it is the ability to clean up dog waste.  Seems like some explanation is in order. You see, when you let out your dog, you never have to worry about the waste penetrating through the blades of grass and turning your garden into a malodorous cesspool that harbors harmful pathogens. Hence, You can just pick up the dog waste. In addition, anything remaining behind can be hosed down. Furthermore, with no scope of proliferation of pathogens, you can even sit out on the soft synthetic grass and play with your kids.

Finally, when your dog finishes playing and makes his way into the house, you don’t have to walk behind him with a mop cleaning muddy paw prints from the floor.

Easy Maintenance and Care

So now, you can be certain your dogs love artificial grass as much as you do. However, to maintain its appearance, some mild maintenance is in order. First, make sure you clean up dog waste immediately. Next, hose down the grass, so that remnants of the waste drain away. Finally, every 2 to 3 weeks use a mild detergent on the grass and rinse it thoroughly.

With so many benefits, how can you stay away from a synthetic lawn that will keep Fido and you extremely happy and healthy?

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