A Synthetic Lawn Can Tie It All Together

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Having a beautiful synthetic lawn can just tie an entire backyard together. Take a look at this before and after. Before there was a whole section of the yard that was not aesthetically pleasing or functional. Now with their synthetic grass they get both! Look at the transformation, What’s not to love? But wait, it gets better. In addition to its diversity of use, a synthetic lawn has tremendous benefits. Keep reading.

beautiful synthetic lawn

3 Benefits of a Beautiful Synthetic Lawn

If you want to switch to synthetic grass, consider the benefits below. You may want your very own evergreen space. If so, we can help!

  1. Water. A beautiful synthetic lawn conserves water. In Arizona, water bills are a big deal. It is estimated as much as 70% of water bill usage involves lawn maintenance. Watering and irrigation use a lot of water. A beautiful synthetic lawn, however, uses very little. For one, it does not require water to grow, Just a quick spray every so often to clean off dirt and debris is all that’s needed.
  2. Maintenance. You might as well sell your lawnmower when you switch to a synthetic lawn. Cutting grass is a thing of the past. The same can be said for weed eating and edging. Sell those items and use the money to buy new lawn furniture for enjoying your beautiful green space.
  3. Pests. Bugs need a proper home to survive. A synthetic lawn provides none of that. Dirt and organic matter are not present so bugs have no place to thrive. What does this mean for you? Kiss pesticides goodbye! This is helpful in more ways than one too. No pesticides means no harmful chemicals leeching into our ground water supply.

Transform Your Lawn with Paradise Greens

We can give you the same beautiful synthetic lawn you see featured in this post. Of course, we custom make teach lawn so yours will differ. You can even choose the type of synthetic grass we use! Our staff would love to hear from you. Give Paradise Greens a call today!

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