Dogs Need Artificial Grass Too

by | Mar 2, 2014 | Recent News

Your dog deserves an outdoor living space too which is exactly what a synthetic grass yard can provide. Take this customer for example.When they needed a green space for their dog, we were happy to provide. The transformation of before and after is amazing. The bottom line is dogs need artificial grass! Plus, think of all the other benefits!

dogs need artificial grass

Why Dogs Need Artificial Grass

So your pooch has a secret. Dogs need artificial grass more than you think. In the desert, life is rough. Finding a nice shady patch of green as an animal is difficult. However, if you call Paradise Greens, we can help your pooch relax with style and they won’t destroy it! Look at the transformation of this space.

Before, the area was brown and bare. And we say brown, we don’t mean the dirt. On the contrary, this yard was plagued with brown patches because of the scorching Paradise Valley, AZ heat! It’s hard to get grass to grow when the sun wants to cook it as a meal most days.This is exactly why dogs need artificial grass.

Bare spots promote digging and your dog will inevitably get dirty. However, with artificial grass they remain dirt free. As well, they remain bug free too. Bugs need certain conditions in order for them to thrive. If those conditions aren’t present then the bugs go away. This means no more fleas and ticks entering your home via your dog.

But what about waste you might say? Well, cleanup is really easy. Simply remove the waste from your lawn with a plastic bag and spray off any excess debris with water. It really is as simple as that. Plus, if you need an older barrier, we have a couple of options for you. We will be happy to discuss all of those at your initial consult. Let Paradise Green create the perfect dog area for you.!

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