Advantages of a Synthetic Putting Green

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So golfers passionate about improving their game often install synthetic putting greens. Hence, just a few steps out the back or front door onto an attractive putting green, and short game practice begins. This is one of the many synthetic putting green advantages. Furthermore, personal putting greens give golfers privacy to improve at their own speed. Seems like you get the best of both worlds. To drive the point home, consider this. Gary Player once said, “They say Sam Snead is a natural golfer. But if he did not practice, he’d be a natural bad golfer.”Practice may not bring perfection to the game, but, without it, bad golfing abounds.

Synthetic Putting Green Advantages: Owning the Game

In addition to convenience, there are other synthetic putting green advantages. Here are a few.

Enhancement to landscape — A synthetic putting green easily incorporates into the existing landscape. It becomes a handsome focal point in any yard. Therefore, the addition of a putting green adds to the value and aesthetics of a home or condo.

Few maintenance headaches — Understandably, greens professionals have a daily challenge. They must make sure golf courses are flawless and ready for play. Yet, owning a personal putting green means no fertilizing, watering, or mowing. Even better it means not hiring a professional greens keeper. Again, one of the many synthetic putting green advantages!

Customized to fit any yard or patio — in addition, large or small spaces make no difference. Synthetic putting green advantages mean the design fits the space for the golf enthusiast. The more space available, the more additional challenges to the putting green. Consequently, you can choose the roll and speed, or design the green to improve more than putting. We can incorporate pitching, chipping, approach shots, or add a hazard.

Durability — Finally, Synthetic putting greens are tough, durable, resist water and offer realistic performance to putting or wedge shot practice.

Bring the convenience of the course home. Design and build the putting green of any golfer’s dream with the custom installation of a synthetic putting green. Call Paradise Greens. We can help. Out staff have the know how to make your dream a reality. Furthermore, if you get stuck, we can make suggestions. Since we are going on a decade of service, we know a thing or two about putting greens. Let us show you the value of synthetic putting green advantages. You won’t be disappointed!

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