Splash of Color with Synthetic Grass

by | Dec 20, 2013 | Other

Synthetic grass is a great solution when you are looking to add some color to an otherwise desert landscape. The lack of maintenance required is valuable as well! Keep reading to see how synthetic grass adds color. If you want your own color splash, Paradise Greens can make it happen.

synthetic grass adds color

How Synthetic Grass Adds Color

Desert landscapes are known for drought tolerant features. Mostly this involves filling your lawn with gravel or mulch. Then, a few huge overpriced boulders are placed for “drama.” However, where is the value? Where is the life? Sure, you could go the xeriscape route, but even then those plants look stark against all that gravel. The solution?

Add artificial grass. Synthetic grass adds color and life to desert landscapes. And while other landscape companies use terms like “eco-friendly_ and “water conscious,” we can claim the same tag lines. Not to mention, we can do it in a more honest way. Xeriscaping still requires some water. so do drought tolerant landscape designs.

However, synthetic grass adds color using no water. You get the benefit of an evergreen product with none of the maintenance hassle. What could be better than that? We know, we couldn’t think of anything either.

Claim Your Splash of Color Today

So call Paradise Greens if you are tired of desert rock and mulch. We can’t blame you. There is only so much a homeowner can take. One call and we show up with nice green samples for you to see and feel. We would love to introduce some green into your life. Dare we say your landscape is “thirsty” for color? Forgive the bad pun. However, your lawn won’t forgive the lack of color. Before the pressure gets unbearable, call us. Together we can bring color and life to your barren desert landscape!

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