Our friends over at NewGrass have a great example of the different ways artificial grass can be used. How awesome does this wall look? if you want one of your own, Paradise Greens can help. We can help you come up with a cool artificial grass application. Let’s briefly discuss how this grass wall enhances the room.

.NewGrass artificial grass application

Artificial Grass Application Beyond the Lawn

So you have to wonder what made this customer think of using artificial grass on their wall? Well, it was fun and adds a bit of whimsy, as well as color. Some might even say this artificial grass application gives the room drama. We couldn’t agree more. However, the really cool part? The customer still gets a few benefits even though the use is nontraditional.

For starters, the wall acts as a nice insulator. While remaining cool to the touch, the grass acts as a barrier keeping heat and cold at bay respectively. Try using wallpaper or paint for that. It doesn’t even come close to performing the same way!

Next, cleanup is easy. Dirt and grease easily clean up with soap and water. No need for harsh chemicals or touching up paint after removing marks from the wall. Instead, a simple wipe down and your grass wall remains evergreen!

Finally, this cool artificial grass application is more permanent and durable than other types of wall coverings. Paint requires touch up every so often and wall paper needs updating. plus, with wall paper tears and holes are problematic. Unless you kept some after the install, you are up a creek. Artificial grass is durable and resilient to wear and tear. This wall will outlast any other type of wall treatment except maybe tile or stone.

So if you would like your own wall for drama or contrast, give us a call. We will create a cool artificial grass application for you. Your neighbors will be jealous!