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An unhealthy natural grass lawn is a real problem around a swimming poo. However, that is easy to solve with artificial grass! So how does the grass get unhealthy you ask? Well, there are a couple of reasons. For starters, wet feet constantly running around on the grassy area can actually over water a portion of your lawn. Rather than look lush in full, your lawn may look wilted or yellowed. This is due to over watering.

Second, you could have the reverse problem. Running around on a natural grass lawn with wet feet means you have pool chemicals on those wet feet. The result is grass bleaching or weathering due to the reaction of chemicals in the pool water. However, never fret, artificial grass solves these problems.

Natural Grass Lawn Pool Side Transformation


natural grass lawn

The picture in our post does not lie. What was once a lackluster somewhat green natural grass lawn with dead brown spots, is gone. Instead, a lush evergreen space is in its place. And since artificial grass requires no watering, this customer’s water bill will be lower. That’s good news since they have a swimming pool. Also, since it is synthetic, pool chemicals won’t react with the grass blades. In addition, the UV coating will ensure this artificial lawn keeps its color for decades to come. As for the customer? Well, they can kick back in their favorite raft with their favorite drink in hand and simply enjoy their pool. Artificial grass makes backyards fun. Arizona living doesn’t get much better than this!

Let Paradise Greens Transform Your Pool Space!

Contact Paradise Greens today for a quote on transforming your natural grass lawn. The consult is free and we provide samples. if you stop by we will show them to you. If you need them shipped, we can do that too! Once you see and feel how real looking artificial grass can be, you will think of transforming your space. Contact us and see why Paradise Greens is Arizona’s top choice year after year.

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