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by | May 6, 2013 | Before and After Photos

Artificial grass adds significant value to outdoor living spaces, especially in the desert. To show that we are continuing our series of “before and after” photos. These pictures give examples of how an artificial lawn from Paradise Greens adds so much value to your home.

So please take your time and look closely. Notice how barren and bare these spaces look before. After a Paradise Greens install they are vibrant and lush. There is no better way to add a punch of green to your lawn. Artificial grass makes sense in the desert. Enjoy the before and after images.

Before and After Photos Prove Artificial Grass Adds Significant Value to Your Property


Backyards can be brought back to life with artificial grass. Notice how bare this lawn looked before. It was downright lifeless. Of course if dead, brown spaces are your thing then you would be right at home. However, we doubt even the Adams family could survive here. Cousin It and uncle Fester would have a meltdown. Some spaces are too morose even for them.

Yet, after our artificial grass install, everything is decidedly different. In fact, the space is fundamentally transformed. The concrete block wall looks brighter against the evergreen grass. And it looks like it belongs there. Before, the space looked like a prison yard. This is how artificial grass adds significant value to your property.

Paradise Greens install in the arizona desert





Now look at these next two images. The transformation is just as striking. What was once unusable is now vibrant and green. With an artificial grass lawn you can have functional spaces again in your backyard. Now, this space practically calls to you. it would be the perfect outdoor area for entertaining guests, having a barbecue or just relaxing with drinks in hand enjoying the Arizona night sky. Creating functional spaces from poorly maintained areas is one more way artificial grass adds significant value to your property.

artificial grass adds significant value





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