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Artificial grass can add significant value to outdoor living spaces, especially in the desert. To show that we are going to start a series of “before and after” to give you examples of how an artificial lawn from Paradise Greens increases property value. The visuals really showcase the dramatic impact a custom artificial lawn makes.

Kids Need a Custom Artificial Lawn

Many yards in Arizona are simply not landscaped or equipped to have outdoor living spaces. For kids that is a problem. A custom artificial lawn can create the ultimate play area. This before and after set shows you how that can change with the help of Paradise Greens. Remember, artificial grass is durable. We can help you select a product that will stand up to your kid. They can stomp and romp all day with no worry of dirt, mud or debris tracking inside your home. Plus, look at how much more vibrant this space is!

custom artificial lawn


Adding Aesthetics and Places for Dogs

You may not have kids, but you have dogs and they need outdoor living spaces too! It is hard for a dog to run about on rock but we guarantee they will love a custom artificial grass lawn! Plus, they can play worry free. No ticks or fleas to contend with and no worry of grass allergies. Also, your fur babies are safe from chemicals. Artificial grass requires no pesticides. And these are just a few benefits of artificial grass!

artificial grass custom install paradise greens

Let Paradise Greens Help

If you want the ultimate in a custom artificial lawn space for your yard, contact Paradise Greens. We are Arizona’s go to for artificial grass and so much more. We install custom putting greens, batting cages, and bocce ball courts. If it involves artificial grass we can do it! So don’t hesitate. Let’s start your space. Your kids and pets will love it. So will you!

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