As for Paradise Greens, artificial grass quality matters. The blades of artificial grass are made up of thermoplastic polymers. The most commonly used polymers are polyethylene, nylon and polypropylene. First, the polymers are coated. Next, they are stitched into the backing. Finally, the backing is then covered by an adhesive to keep the blades in place. And the type of polymer used will definitely matter to you. Because, for example, nylons absorbs moisture. So if dogs urinate on your grass it will stink eventually. Seems like urine absorption is the culprit.

We talked about cheating in the adhesive stage in our blog “artificial grass and shedding” and there are opportunities to ‘cheat’ in the coating of the grass blades as well. Yet, cheating has two possible impacts. Seems like the first is discoloration. Your grass blades will discolor in the sun. In fact, the blades will change to various shades of blue. However, a more serious problem occurs when coating breaks down. There is potential for lead exposure.

Artificial Grass Quality and Cheating

Yet, the biggest reason for cheating is to produce cheaper products to sell in the market place. So how do you combat this problem? There are a couple of ways:

1. Ask where your grass is from.
2. Be wary of pricing that seems too good to be true.
3. Find out how long the company has been in business. You want to work with an installer that has been in business a long time. Consequently, they know the products and stake their reputation on them.
4. Cross shop before you choose because products vary.

Fortunately, Paradise Greens is one of the oldest artificial grass installers in Arizona. Consequently, artificial grass quality matters to us. So this means we don’t cut corners in the installation process. Also, we only sell products that not adhere to our standards. And most importantly we put our customers and our reputation first. This has allows us to stay in business long after our competitors leave.

Do you have a story of discoloration with your artificial grass installation? Talk to us, maybe we can help. Of course, the consultation is free. Also, we provide artificial grass samples for you to feel. And did we mention we have the best installers in the industry? We do. Therefore, contact us today and let’s create an awesome lawn design together.