These days, more and more people are opting for Synthetic Grass lawns from Paradise Greens, over real grass because it’s low-maintenance, eco-friendly, cost-effective and very realistic.  It’s not uncommon to see Fake Turf in front of a neighbor’s home or in their back yard, especially in the Southwest. But you might be surprised at some of the other places where Artificial Grass lawns are being utilized.

Where Synthetic Grass Began

Artificial Turf got its start in sports fields and sporting complexes, but today, the applications are virtually endless. One of the more creative ways it’s being used is in dog kennels, dog runs, and lining the floors dog houses.  Dogs are unable to dig it up, it drains easily, doesn’t hold onto pet odors, is completely allergen free, and doesn’t contribute to dirty paw prints; making it the perfect solution for a busy kennel.  In some cases, Paradise Greens has constructed a smaller synthetic grass lawn to being to house train pets.

The Versatile Synthetic Grass Lawn

Paradise Greens’ Artificial Turf is being used in other places that you wouldn’t typically expect to have Synthetic grass, including on television and movie sets to create outdoor scenes. It looks more realistic and is easier to bring grass indoors versus creating a whole set outdoors.  Synthetic Grass from Paradise Greens finds use in more retail settings.  In Scottsdale’s Fashion Square, Synthetic Turf products brings life to patio displays.

Another innovative place for a Synthetic Grass lawn involves rooftop gardens Paradise Greens has several clients in that space. Now home owners with limited space, can experience and enjoy a lush, outdoor environment.  In Paradise Valley, a customer has a putting green on the roof above their garage thanks to us. maximize the limited space but still take full advantage of the spectacular panoramic views of the rolling hills and mountain countryside.

Or for the ideal “Man Cave” Paradise Greens has installs custom Putting Greens and an Artificial Grass lawn indoors to give the look and feel as if you’re right there on the field for the big game.  Paradise Greens will also install a Synthetic Grass lawn in Scottsdale. Seems like ee did for a little sports enthusiast who wanted soft, plush Artificial Turf in his bedroom instead of carpet.  Paradise Greens has even put Synthetic Turf on the the walls of homes and even on the ceiling! There are so many uses for artificial grass!

More Uses for Artificial Grass

A very strange concept but the final product looked amazing!  For the upcoming holiday season Paradise Greens has installed white Artificial Turf to provide the look of the season without the weather associated with that time of year.  Just a few of the many ways Paradise Greens has used Artificial Turf to show it’s versatility in any environment or application. We dispel the misconceptions about artificial grass.

Thanks to its low-cost, versatility and eco-friendly attributes, a Synthetic Grass lawn from Paradise Greens is making an impact in many unusual places. Once thought to just be for sporting venues front lawns, the uses for Artificial Turf are only limited to our customer’s imagination!

Call Paradise Greens for Your Synthetic Turf Needs

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