It seems impossible to have pets and maintain a beautiful Lawn but with the latest technological advances, Synthetic Grass is the answer. Many homeowners with pets have solved their landscape challenges with Artificial Turf Grass increasing their home’s curb appeal with a beautifully manicured lawn all year long. Dogs and their owners love Artificial Turf Grass Lawns from Paradise Greens because the Turf is 100% safe for pets and homeowners. Also, Artificial Grass Lawns are very easy to clean. In addition they require zero maintenance, are environmentally friendly, and always green. Therefore this makes the ideal choice for homeowners with pets. So, dead spots in your lawn are a thing of the past.

Dealing with Waste on Artificial Lawns

Dog droppings and urine will not stain/discolor the Artificial Grass. Paradise Greens specially manufactures Synthetic Grass Biocel backing. Hence, it allows urine to drain right through the turf via tiny holes. Consequently, urine drains right through passing directly into the sub grade. This eliminates potential odor issues. Your yard is always available for entertaining. And muddy spots, yellow grass, and dead patches? Well, they are a thing of the past when you convert to Artificial Turf with Paradise Greens.

Seems like your days of cleaning up muddy paw prints on the carpet are over. In addition, no more dirt, dust, and grass clippings tracked indoors. Also, there’s no longer a need for an irrigation system. Therefore this  means no more paw prints track on your floors. Your dog can now go in and out repeatedly. As for you? No more constantl sweeping and vacuuming your entry areas. That should make you and your dog happy.

Artificial Grass is Great for Allergies

Furthermore, if your dog has allergies, Artificial Grass could be the answer. Chris Loy, Designer for Paradise Greens comments, “Many dogs have allergies to a variety of natural grasses and if you’ve seen your dog scratching, licking, or biting for no apparent reason, you should consult your veterinarian.

So it could be the natural grass in your own backyard is the source of your dog’s allergic reaction. Dogs with grass allergies often need daily medication. Replacing natural grass with Artificial Turf will remove the source of your dog’s allergen entirely.” The bottom line is some dogs need artificial grass.

Great Warranty, Give us a Call!

Artificial Turf has a life span of 15 years allowing homeowners to see a return on their investment multiple times over. Save time, money, the environment, and increase your aesthetics and property value with Artificial Turf.

To learn more about Artificial Turf for your pet with Paradise Greens please visit our showroom in Scottsdale. You can find us at 8281 E. Gelding Drive. Also, you can visit us on the web at In addition, you can call 480.586.0655 to schedule an appointment with one of our sales team members. Our sales team will come to your home and show you our exclusive line of Artificial Turf products and provide you with an estimate.