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Synthetic turf fields have many benefits. You can’t deny it. So in that spirit we have come up with some great facts. Following are some awesome “Did You Know” facts.

Synthetic Turf Fields Did You Know Facts

• About half of all NFL teams currently play their games on synthetic turf. So do many BCS Bowl Teams!

• The use of synthetic turf and artificial grass conserves more than three billion gallons of water annually in North America – the equivalent of more than 500 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

• Synthetic turf fields are used in public spaces ranging from Disneyland and Steve Wynn’s Las Vegas resorts to public parks, airports and highway medians.

• Although synthetic turf fields were introduced with much fanfare in the 1960s, it wasn’t until the early 1980’s when a vastly improved, second generation product gained widespread popularity. Today’s third generation synthetic turf fields have gained much acclaim for
replicating the look and feel of natural turf.

• If you want immediate gratification, you’ve got it. Increased playing hours means synthetic turf fields can be used within hours of installation, in all types of weather. No significant downtime is required in case of rain, drought, or other climate conditions.

• Synthetic turf fields help more athletes increase their practice and playing time. Typically used for about 3,000 hours of play per year, with no “rest” required, these fields allow multiple teams to hone their skills on the field year around.

• With significant enhancements in performance, drainage, durability, quality and safety, the market for synthetic turf fields is now booming in its three major segments: athletic fields,
landscaping and golf.

• While initial investment costs are higher, synthetic turf becomes more economical in the long run. Maintenance costs are two to three times less than natural turf. No mowing, irrigation, or chemicals are required.

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