Paradise Greens becomes distributor of anti-microbial infill for AZ

by | Jul 28, 2010 | Recent News

Paradise Greens and Turf Company is now the anti-microbial infill distributor for Arizona. We remain on the cutting edge of the synthetic turf industry and stay current with research and development. Hence, Paradise Greens offers the latest in synthetic turf infill. Antimicrobial infill is a high performance infill. It is made of naturally occurring, highly rounded silica sand. Furthermore, it has unique properties that closely simulate the feel of natural grass. Yet, its patented coating locks out dust, moisture and bacteria.

Charlie Ferer, President of Paradise Greens says, “we highly recommend this infill for playgrounds. Antimicrobial infill inhibits the growth of microbes such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa’s, and viruses. Pope John XXIII Catholic School Community made an excellent choice in utilizing this infill with our artificial grass for their play area. This is just one of the schools that saw the benefit in the utilization of this infill.” Artificial grass is versatile if nothing else.

Why Antimicrobial Infill is Important

Paradise Greens antimicrobial infill is non-toxic, dustless, and heavy metal free. There are no harmful chemicals or additives that can leach in to the environment. The infills acrylic coating is hydrophobic –meaning that even if the material is wet it will not absorb moisture, which enables it to reduce microbial survival in the turf.

The non-flammable, acrylic coating enables the anti-microbial infill to encapsulate the granules and maintain moderate temperatures in any weather condition resulting in natural heat reducing properties that significantly lower surface temperatures. In infill heat build-up studies clear coated antimicrobial infill has proven to lower outdoor playing surfaces as much as 20%.

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Paradise Greens anti-microbial infills unique, highly-rounded shape resists compaction which keeps your lawn perfectly infilled for stability and aesthetics throughout its life. For health and safety concerns, the shape of the sand gives the antimicrobial infill a low abrasive index (.45 skin friction/ 15% skin abrasion) making it slide friendly. Remaining true to our philosophy of sustainability the infill material is also recyclable.

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