An agency in California is doing something quite incredible. They are handing out $1000 Rebates to residents that install water saving synthetic turf instead of choosing to maintain water hungry grass. The Solana County Water Agency is trying to get a better handle on water conservation.

This county is giving $1000 to anyone who will take measures for conservation of water. This includes replacing landscaping with artificial turf, plants that don’t need daily watering, or replacing outdoor areas with designs that allow water to drain through them in either patios or walkways.

It costs a state or county government in areas that don’t see water on a steady basis hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat water, filter water, and gather water. Desalination processes, as well as a myriad of other costly programs all add up and take money from governments that are increasingly becoming short on cash. Everyone knows that California is one of the hardest hit areas in the country financially. These rebates may not cover all costs of converting a persons lawn from grass to artificial turf, but it makes a giant dent. Also, it saves the area you live in money. Money that could be put towards better initiatives like education or hospitals.

So if you’re a lucky resident of Solana County – take the water agency up on their offer. If you live anywhere else, contact your local government to see if they can offer some kind of program that’s similar.