Airport Makeover?

by | Jul 10, 2010 | Recent News

How many times have you traveled anywhere? Hundreds of times, right? And how often have you stopped on a layover thankful that there’s a bathroom close to your gate because you just simply cannot wait? Probably more times than you can count. How often have you traveled with your pet? Your dog or cat locked up in a crate for the long haul, be it a couple of short connecting flights with layovers, or a really long distance single flight. Don’t they deserve a bathroom break as well? it could happen. Say hello to pet relief areas.

Pet Relief Areas and Artificial Grass

According to The Washington Post, this might be a possibility in the future. Reagan and Dulles Airports in Washington DC, according to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, have created pet relief areas. These areas will allow your pets to enjoy a quick layover, and get out of their crates too.

The relief areas will have clear signs and resources for waste disposal. At Dulles these areas are consisting of artificial grass in fenced in enclosures inside some of the concourses. There are drainage systems in place for it to remain clean and cared after easily. plus, dogs love them!

This is incredibly forward thinking on behalf of these airports. They do know that happier pets make happier traveling animals. And by having small pet relief areas inside, it makes it a lot easier for travelers to take better care of their traveling companions. Hopefully more airports take the same lead.

Paradise Greens and Pet Areas

Would you like your own pet relief area? Contact Paradise Greens, We can make it happen. The benefits of artificial grass are many. Plus, unlike airport pet relief areas, your pet can use the entire lawn! We can outfit your  turf with the same type of deodorizing infill the airports use so your lawn smells fresh all year. And it will look great too! Together we can make Fido happy!

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