Dirty, Dirty, Dirty

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It Happens eventually at every school. Check out the following scenario below to see quality artificial grass made a difference for one Kent, Ohio School.


Blades of grass.



Rocks. Sand.

More Mud.

Tired of cleaning up after school children who run around outside and then run around inside? Do you live in an area that has a lot of playgrounds, fields, and outdoor areas for kids who are sometimes not able to play outside but somehow bring the dirt in anyway? If so, it sounds like it’s time to consider quality artificial grass.

Quality Artificial Grass: Making a Difference for One School

A small school in Kent, Ohio has decided that in order to keep its halls pristine, they are going to place quality artificial grass in all of their outdoor areas. They are tired of having to maintain the fields and playgrounds, as well as the inside of their school. Inside? Yes.

Traditional grassy areas need a strong maintenance team. The fields must be watered, cut, clipped, fed, and mowed throughout the year. After strong play for any sports, the fields must be given time to grow back. But during all of this time, kids are playing and rolling around and getting dirty. When their recess time is done, where do they go? They go back inside.

The Outside Comes Inside

Here is why quality artificial grass is important. The halls of a school require the same kind of maintenance. The janitorial staff and hall monitors must sweep, mop, and clean all surfaces of the school to keep it tidy at all times. When students are outside for any reason, be it gym or recess they track all of that grass and dirt back into the school.

Quality artificial grass alleviates this problem.

This decision has seemed to please everyone involved. They students are happier, the school is happier, and being that the students are cleaner and now safer – it really was the best way to go. Seems like Quality artificial grass really made a difference.

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