Another One Bites the Dust…

by | Jun 21, 2010 | Recent News

…Literally. Grass, dirt, dust, all becoming a thing of the past for more and more stadiums across the country. The Baltimore Ravens were one of the first teams to come on board. Since then, more are following suit. The NFL is waking up to the fact nothing beats an artificial turf lawn.

Why Artificial Turf Lawns Make Sense

In addition to pro-football teams updating stadiums, collegiate games are in the mix too. This past season, football teams tore apart fields during the Capital One Bowl and the Champs Sports Bowl. It takes months for those fields to be grown back into perfect playing order and during that time not much else can be done on the field while it grows.

During the month of June, the Orlando City Council will consider artificial turf lawns for the Citrus Bowl. The initial timeline aims for an install by fall. The date will be September 1st, just in time for the 2010 football schedule.

And while there are legal issues that will push the date back, the community is dead set on installing artificial turf. They hav since other stadiums have been destroyed by harsh bowl games, they would like to get out in front of this issue and stick with artificial turf, being that it’s strong and can handle harsh treatment.

Yet, this is not a deal breaker. Remain alert to see what other teams do. Artificial turf lawns make too much sense not to be considered. In time, you will see them sprout up (pun intended) at stadiums and athletic fields all across the country! Do you agree that more stadiums should install artificial turf for all year play ability?

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