The Grass is Greener

by | Feb 11, 2010 | Recent News

Living in a hot, arid climate makes it hard to maintain green grass year round and the desert climate makes it difficult to achieve a magazine worthy lawn. That’s why Paradise Greens has positioned itself to be the leading provider of synthetic grass in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Why give yourself the hassle of trying to maintain your lawn when you can have beautiful synthetic greens year round? Just think of the water bills you will save and the environment will thank you.

The Difference Synthetic Greens Make

Having the greenest grass on the block will make your neighbors become green with envy. For many of us, the grass is truly greener on the other side, and being one of the first customers to install synthetic greens on your block will no doubt have your neighbors curious and asking for more information. With synthetic greens, your subtle word of mouth advertising won’t feel like such a bad thing knowing that you’ll be helping out the environment! Give people a kick start to their green conscious living and tell them about your beautiful synthetic greens. The good thing is that you won’t have to do much advertising; your synthetic green lawn will do it for you!

Paradise Greens Can Make the Difference

So if you are thinking about artificial grass, think no more! Paradise Greens can help make your dreams a reality. We have so many installs under our belt. Our installers are courteous, professional and skillful. If you have an obstacle, we can navigate it with ease. We work with all types of terrain and grades. In addition, we have different types of synthetic greens for each.

Furthermore, if you are in the area, drop by our Glendale office. There we have samples on hand of every product. if you can’t make it, schedule a consult with one of our company reps. They will bring samples to you so you can see and feel the quality for yourself. Synthetic Greens are taking Arizona by storm, even when there is no storm! It’s not to late to make synthetic greens make a difference for you!

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