Big Difference To You, Small Difference to Pooch

by | Jan 14, 2010 | Artificial Turf for Pets, Recent News

With modern day technology, synthetic fake grass is made to look and feel like real grass. Your canine Pooch will love the soft feel and won’t even know the difference. Meanwhile, the low maintenance of not having to water your synthetic grass is just the beginning of perks for your family or small business.

The wear and tear of synthetic fake grass is durable for active pets and dogs won’t be able to dig through, or carry mud tracks. The best perk comes with the easy care of dog waste. Synthetic grass will not stain and urine actually drains right through the material and leaves no odor behind.

Synthetic Fake Grass: Odor is No Problem!

Furthermore, if you are concerned about odor, we can help! For instance, say you have multiple dogs on your property. In this case, odor could be an issue. It’s one thing to have a small or medium sized dog leave waste on your lawn. It’s another story entirely when huge dogs leave gifts on your synthetic fake grass.

In this instance we would recommend zeofill infill. It is a deodorizer barrier designed to eliminate horrible smells. Essentially, the odor barrier absorbs the odor by neutralizing it. Rain refreshes the infill making it ready for further use. Think of Zeofill as the best friend to your synthetic fake grass.

Let Paradise Greens Help!

At Paradise Greens, we will help install a toxin and allergy-free synthetic fake grass for your pets. You can be rest assured that your pets will be safe and happy with your new purchase, and you’ll be happier not having to clean up stains or smell strong unwanted scents.

So call us if you have been thinking about synthetic fake turf. We have been serving Glendale, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley for more than a decade. Our sales staff and installers are some of the best. You won’t be disappointed!

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