Why Artificial Grass is MORE Environmentally Friendly Than Traditional Grass

by | Jul 17, 2022 | Why Go With Artificial Turf

It seems like natural grass would be the more environmentally friendly way to go, but the upkeep of a great-looking lawn makes artificial turf better for the planet. 

Natural grass requires quite a bit of love and care to keep it in tip-top shape. You’ll need to mow it in the summer, keep a sprinkler/irrigation system on standby, and rake the grass every once in a while, and that’s only the minimum. Most lawns, especially in the hot and sunny state of Arizona, will require even more attention to keep it looking lush and beautiful.  

Natural grass requires fertilizers and pesticides to keep insects and unwanted pests away. The chemicals we use on our lawns to promote grass growth damage the environment more than the grass helps it. In addition to killing insects and weeds, pesticides/fertilizers contaminate the soil, water, and other vegetation around. This can create a toxic environment for the beautiful birds that pay us a visit every now and then, beneficial insects that rid our property of unwanted insects, and other non-targeted plants. Artificial turf doesn’t require any fertilizer or pesticide to keep your lawn looking it’s best. 

A natural lawn also requires running the lawn mower frequently and year-round. Every time we start our lawn mower, we are producing greenhouse gases that float their way to the Ozone layer, thus damaging the atmosphere. It also can produce other kinds of pollution that can be damaging the environment as well. 

While natural grass does have its benefits to the environment like water runoff and biodegradability, the maintenance to keep a natural lawn looking as good as artificial grass is far more damaging to the environment. Artificial grass doesn’t require harmful chemicals or frequent mowing and won’t contribute to the pollution problem.

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