Paradise Greens Receives a Perfect 100 from Home Depot Customers

by | Feb 28, 2021 | Artificial Turf Backyards, Artificial Turf in Front Yard, Recent News

As you may already know, Paradise Greens is the exclusive installer of artificial grass for over 22 Home Depot stores in the Phoenix metro. This past month, Home Depot recognized Paradise Greens and Turf for going above and beyond as their certified installer, giving us their prestigious Service Provider Excellence Award. Despite everything that happened in 2020, we kept on trucking, installing grass and providing excellent customer service. We finished the second half of 2020 strong, with a perfect 100 scorecard among Home Depot customers and 0% complaints. We also exceeded our sales targets by $15,000.

A lot of people might expect a company that sells its own custom grasses and national brands to treat these sort of box-box installation jobs like second-class customers, but that’s not how we do things at Paradise Greens. It’s true that we stand by the quality of the products we sell, but when it comes time to install, we want to treat our customers right no matter where they decided to purchase their turf. This award is proof that we don’t cut corners on anything we do here, whether it’s a $50,000 putting green or a 200 square foot balcony.

It’s clear that customers and our partners at Home Depot appreciate that. So just know that if you’re purchasing your artificial grass at any of the twenty-two Home Depot stores in and around Phoenix, you can rest easy knowing that Paradise Greens will be your service provider for installation. In fact, wherever you see Paradise Greens listed as the installer – whether that’s Home Depot, Costco or Lowes, you can count on excellent customer service and a top-of-the-line installation, no matter the project.  

Visit our Installation page for more details or just drop by your local Home Depot.

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