SYNLawn Enviroloc backing

by | Apr 30, 2020 | SYNLawn


In the production of artificial grass the yarn is inserted into the base fabric (the process called tufting) and then the yarn is “locked” into place by spreading a coat of polymers onto the back of the fabric. With SYNLawn’s exclusive EnviroLoc™ Backing System a large portion of those petroleum-based polymers (up to 60%)  are replaced with biobased polymers created from sustainable resources including soybean oil.

The EnviroLoc™ Backing System uses a durable 2-part woven Polypropylene backing. After tufting, the backing fabric and stitched grass fibers receive a thick layer of SYNLawn’s proprietary biobased EnviroLoc™ coating. Together, these components provide a sturdy anchor for fibers creating less “shedding” as well as create an environmentally responsible approach to synthetic grass.

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