Artificial Grass is Better Than Natural Lawns: Here’s Why

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Why Go With Artificial Turf

Do you know what the number one irrigated crop in America is? If you said corn, you are wrong. Cotton or wheat? Wrong again. Maybe it’s something like peanuts, squash, tomatoes or potatoes? Still wrong. The number one irrigated crop in America are lawns. In fact, It costs more to irrigate lawns than corn, fruit orchards and wheat crops combined. Yikes! That’s a lot of water, and money, spent on maintaining natural grass!

To their credit, lawns do provide some benefit. For instance, they reduce the urban heat island effect. They can also restore groundwater and prevent flooding in urban areas. However, these lush green spaces cover an area of 63,000 square miles. That’s a space equal to the size of Georgia! So the question remains, is it worth it?

The Alternative Maintaining Natural Grass

Do we really need to irrigate all this grass when there are so many other great options for keeping spaces green and lush. For example, why not consider artificial grass? The benefits are many and it’s not as costly as what you might think. Plus, it cuts down on natural grass maintenance by eliminating it. Take a look at our customer’s yard in Golden Canyon, Arizona.
There are a couple of things to notice. First, their artificial grass looks amazing. What was once a headache is now a permanent evergreen space.

maintaining natural grass

Arizona is a desert climate. For plants to bloom they must be tough and hardy. That’s why most native species are succulents, like cactus or some type of sawgrass palm. And while cactus do bloom occasionally, the amount of work makes you wonder if it is worth the trade. Keeping something green alive in the desert requires a tremendous amount of work… and money. Don’t you think all of the time and energy you spend on your natural lawn would be better served in other areas of your life?

Thankfully, our customer can say goodbye to costly lawn maintenance. Aside form watering (which accounts for up to 70% of Arizona residents water bill), there are other factors to consider like pollution from lawn equipment, maintenance for lawn equipment and maintenance for irrigation systems. In addition, it puts a burden on HOAs who are trying to develop great communities while at the same time remain eco-conscious. Plus, data shows we make mistakes. We are only human after all. What kind of mistakes? Well, it is estimated we spill 17 million gallons of gasoline annually trying to fill up our lawn mowers. Seems like those little trickles and micro-spills really add up!

Artificial Grass: It Complements Everything

Next, check out our customer’s lawn in Gilbert, Arizona. Notice the tree planted right in the center. With artificial grass, we are able to work around obstacles and existing landscape to create a seamless look for your lawn. We can work around trees, rocks, pools and other lawn obstacles.usually we incorporate them like we did in this instance.

arizona artificial grass

Now, our homeowners will really be able to enjoy their tree now without al lot of the problems trees create, at least for maintaining natural grass. Let us explain. If you have trees in your yard then you have probably had to deal with your share of shady or bare spots. No sunlight equals no growth. This ultimately translates into unsightly looking brown or bare spots all over your lawn.

With artificial grass you don’t have that problem. The only problem you might come up against is trying to find room for everyone underneath the shade of your trees. Seems like pets particularly enjoy lounging on artificial grass in shady spots. It’s cool and inviting, who can blame them?

Other Reasons to Give up Natural Lawns

Besides the environmental impact, there are so many reasons to give up maintaining natural grass. For starters, artificial grass will save you money. While it’s true, most artificial grass products carry a warranty, many artificial grass installations last well beyond those limits. Of course, we can’t make any guarantees, but we can point you to countless customers whose lawns look just as good at the ten year mark as they did the day they were installed.

So how do artificial grass lawns save you money? Two ways primarily. First, there is a list of things or services you will no longer need. Here are just a few:

⦁ lawn mowers
⦁ weed eaters
⦁ pesticides
⦁ fertilizers
⦁ sprinkler systems
⦁ timers
⦁ overseeding
⦁ soil checks and maintenance

Not having to use these items or services mean money back in your pocket. Also, you will really appreciate that lower water bill kicking in when you receive your next next water bill post install. Second, after about six years your lawn begins to pay you. This is an incredible return on investment. Yet, there is no risk here. Installing artificial grass is not like playing the stock market. You WILL receive a return on investment within about six years. Keep in mind, this is an average so in some instances you may hit the point of return quicker, while it may take a bit longer on other cases.

However, keep in mind this does not account for the money you will already save on lawn maintenance and other things. What other things you ask? What about laundry? How often would you say you wash clothes due to dirt stained from natural grass. Less dirt means less detergent. Also, artificial grass means less dirt tracked inside your house . This ultimately means less money spent on cleaning supplies to sweep, mop or polish your floors.

Contact Paradise Greens to End Natural Grass Maintenance

Aren’t you tired of maintaining natural grass? We live in the desert after all. Wouldn’t you like to reclaim your water bill and save money? Of course you do. Contact Paradise Greens today. One of our specialists will be happy to speak with you. Transforming green spaces is what we do best! We have the skills, happy customers and products to create something amazing for you. Natural lawns are thing of the past. Let Paradise Greens show you the future!


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