Paradise Greens: Beautiful Backyards from Big Box Artificial Grass!

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Artificial Turf Backyards

Have you seen our latest Phoenix artificial grass install? Seems like one homeowner has a beautiful new green space to compliment their pool. Look closer though. Does that grass look familiar? If so, there’s good reason. This is PreGra artificial grass from Costco. They offer several varieties. Customers may choose from:

  • All Purpose
  • Bluegrass
  • FesCue
  • FesCue Elite
  • Bermuda
  • Bernuda Elite

All PreGra products sold by Costco are made in the United States (Hmm, sounds like another artificial grass company you might be familiar with). Uses range from light/moderate to moderate/heavy and have different face weights respectively. All products are sold by linear foot per 15 foot sections. So why are we talking about a Phoenix artificial grass install in a Paradise Greens post? We guess its time to let the cat out of the bag (or onto the artificial grass lawn) in case you haven’t heard.

Paradise Greens: Costco’s Choice for Every Metro Phoenix Artificial Grass Install

Costco uses Paradise Greens for every metro Phoenix artificial grass install. The process is fairly simple. When you order artificial grass from Costco, it typically arrives in store 1 to 2 weeks later. At that time, they contact you to coordinate an install date. Once the date is set, our experienced crew shows up to give you a beautiful artificial grass lawn.

Keep in mind, there are real advantages to the partnership between Paradise Greens and Costco. For one, our partnership ensures Costco‘s quality standards are met. By partnering with an experienced artificial grass installer, Costco has peace of mind. Each install will be done right the first time. Remember, we have been serving the Metro Phoenix area for more than a decade and most of our installers have been with us from the beginning.

Furthermore, before they worked with us many of them served as artificial grass installers elsewhere. So the Costco partnership on every metro Phoenix artificial grass install is a true symbiotic relationship. We are privileged to work with such a fantastic organization. They, in turn, benefit from our experience, professionalism and work ethic.

Home Depot Too?

However, demand for our install skills don’t just stop there. In addition to Costco, Paradise Greens is also the exclusive Home Depot artificial grass installer for 20 stores in Arizona. Again, the partnership was a good fit for Home Depot and Paradise Greens. Our staff are trained on their quality standards (which essentially mirror our own) ensuring the highest levels of customer service. Partnerships like these are the perfect marriage between form and functionality.

Thinking About Artificial Grass?

If you were considering artificial grass and have already purchased yours from a big box store, chances are we will be your installer. However, why not consider another option for your Phoenix artificial grass install? And to be honest, this option could be the best of all. Contact us. Why not? Reach out and see what we have to offer.

We utilize the latest in artificial grass blade technology to make sure your yard is durable and beautiful for years to come. Anti-fading and cool blade technology ensure your lawn remains pristine for years through every season. Also, our Cool Blade Technology (utilized in some of our products) ensure your lawn stays considerably cooler when the Arizona sun has other plans. And since most lawns outlast their warranties, you could be enjoying your lawn for a long, long time.

We would love the opportunity to explain the advantages of artificial grass. So if you can, stop by our show room in Scottsdale Arizona. We Would love to let you see and feel all of the products we offer. Together, we can come up with A plan for your lawn. It’s more than just a sound decision, it’s a sound investment. Average returns on artificial grass lawns occur around year five or six.

Artificial Grass Creates Poolside Perfection

Plus, think of all the benefits artificial grass lawns give. Look at our customer’s pool side lawn again. A few things come to mind. First, if you own a pool than you know they require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking great. Beautiful blue water doesn’t happen by accident. Inevitably, dead grass and other lawn clippings find their way into pools. If you have ever spent hours scooping your pool with a long handled net, you know what we are talking about. And if you neglect cleaning debris from your pool, it could clog up your filter, ultimately damaging your pump. All of a sudden those grass lawns aren’t worth it.

Second, think of how many times our Phoenix customer has had to sweep or vacuum their floors because dirt, grass clippings and other lawn debris track inside. One good Phoenix artificial grass install solves that problem for good. Artificial grass gives you the lush green lawn you want, without the hassle! No more searching the internet to try and find out what you need to do with those pesky grass clippings that find their way inside! Need More Convincing? Take a look at a few other poolside installs we have done.

artificial grass variety pool space

This install is beautiful! As a result, our customer said good bye to:





realistic artificial grass

How spectacular does this one look? Even better:

No more fertilizers

No pesticides


Conserves Water

Time to Transform Your Pool Area?

After reading this, is it time to improve your Arizona poolside green space? A quality Phoenix artificial grass install can make all the difference. In addition to previous benefits mentioned, consider the value an artificial grass lawn adds to your property. There are so many reasons to consider artificial grass for your lawn. Also, keep in mind, we do batting cages, bocce ball courts and custom putting greens.

Don’t let hesitation be your enemy. Contact us today so we can get started on your artificial lawn design. Summer is here. Now is the perfect time to transform your space! Arizona’s premier artificial grass installer is ready to add you to our long list of satisfied customers. We have completed thousands of installs, so rest assured when we say we’ve got you covered. We mean it… literally!,




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