Two Beautiful Residential and Commercial Turf Installs

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January was a busy month for us. All you have to do is check our Facebook page and take notice. Many Arizona front yards, backyards and side yards are much greener. However, as with any month, there are a couple of stand outs. Take a look at these two synthetic turf installs. Our first feature is a commercial bar. After that we have a unique residential synthetic turf install that is a true showstopper. First up, the bar.

Phoenix Synthetic Turf Install

Bar Patron Benefits

Look at this Phoenix, Arizona bar. We were able to give them the green space they were looking for. Yet, not only does it look amazing, there are so many benefits! For instance, bar patrons will enjoy:

  • Evergreen space
  • Great Aesthetics
  • No grass clippings tracking home with them
  • A completely mud free experience

Now patrons enjoy a grass free experience from the bar to their car to their house or next destination. What does this mean for them? Less time vacuuming and more time enjoying an old fashioned.

Bar Owner Benefits

As for the bar owners, they enjoy the following benefits of their synthetic turf install:

  • Low to no maintenance
  • A beautiful green space year round
  • Eco-impact
  • Lower water bill
  • An awesome warranty
  • Quality USA synthetic turf

After seeing this transformation it is really clear, a synthetic turf install is the way to go. These bar owners could not be happier with the result. That means we are too! Hang around Paradise Greens long enough and you will see we churn out satisfied customers!

Part of this has to do with the fact we only use USA synthetic turf for our installs. This speaks to more than just our choice to support the American worker. Honestly, we believe American products are the best choice for a synthetic turf install. And, since we are committed to giving you the best synthetic turf on the planet, we make sure our products come from US suppliers.

In addition, our products carry solid warranties. We stand behind them too. Because honestly, what good is a warranty if the installer will not honor it? Consequently, this is what sets us apart from other synthetic turf install companies. Yet, enough about us, let’s get to the next install!

Synthetic Turf for a Parking Lot?

synthetic turf install

As impressive as the last install was, this one is equally impressive. You might be wondering what it is. Honestly, if you didn’t know better it would be a head scratcher. this synthetic turf install is a parking lot. Yes, these customers wanted a parking lot for vehicles when guests visit their home. So, we went to work and the end result makes the space spectacular.

Instead of gravel between pavers, these homeowners went all out. And we can’t blame them. And just look at the end result! It is a jaw dropper! The green spaces between the 24×24 pavers give a crisp, manicured look. The geometric lines echo the geometry of the house. So what did we use?

Why Turf Makes a Statement

What you see is our Paradise Greens exclusive Fescue turf. Nestling it between the pavers only compliments this amazing home. However, the home already makes a statement. Yet, now it makes a statement before it makes a statement! Consequently you may need to read that again to let it fully sink in.

And, there is no questioning where a visitor to the home should park. The synthetic turf install visual grid is a clear marker. In addition, it makes the home look more cohesive and stately.

Homeowner Benefits of Synthetic Turf

However, the homeowners receive several benefits too. For starters, since this is a synthetic turf install, it’s cleaner. No dust or debris find purchase on vehicles. Therefore, visitors will appreciate their vehicles leaving with a dust and dirt free exterior.

Also, no water consumption is necessary to keep this space evergreen and pristine. Since most usage estimates point to outdoor watering as the majority portion of a water bill, this is a solid customer win.

Plus, imagine how many harmful chemical are kept from running into our Arizona waterways as a result of the synthetic turf install.

And bugs? Forget about it. This synthetic turf install holds no home for them. The conditions simply aren’t right so bugs go elsewhere. In addition, no pesticide run off ends up in our water supply either. This synthetic turf install makes a solid environmental impact.

Yet, perhaps the best part is no mowing or weed eating. Hence, no fossil fuels necessary and no pollutants spill into the air. Visitors can breathe easy over this eco-friendly parking lot. Seems like this install did wonders for this Paradise Valley castle of a home!

Need Synthetic Turf? Contact Paradise Greens!

Looking at these amazing synthetic turf installs it’s easy to see. Now is the perfect time for your synthetic turf install. Therefore, contact us! Seems like we know a thing or two about doing a synthetic turf install.

We have the experience necessary to get the job right the first time. We have seen just about every curve ball imaginable. We can navigate any lawn issue you may have.

Also, we consistently rank as one of the top installers in Arizona. Hence, if you want quality products and amazing service, we are a perfect fit. So contact us today. You can begin enjoying the same benefits our Phoenix and Paradise Valley customers enjoy. Let us give you a piece of paradise!

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