Want a Putting Green in Your Phoenix Backyard? We Can Do That!

by | May 25, 2017 | Artificial Turf Backyards, Putting Greens, Testimonials

This Could Be Your Phoenix Backyard!

It seems another Phoenix backyard is complete. Most notably, this one has a pool, reptile floaty, and (as if it couldn’t get any better) a putting green! Seemingly, this could be the new neighborhood hang out spot! Evidently, whenever Phoenix backyards need a putting green, they call Paradise Greens! Here are a few reasons.

First of all, our install crew is extremely experienced. Also, we have top quality turf made right here in s the United States. Honestly, you won’t find any better turf products in Scottsdale or Phoenix. Finally, we give amazing customer service. This is especially relevant since you are reading a testimonial post!

Maybe you want your own backyard putting green. Since Paradise Greens specializes in these particular types of installations, we can help. Yet, we don’t just breeze in and breeze out with minimal contact. On the contrary, we are a full service company. Furthermore, we require excellence from our staff and products.

Curious? Watch this Phoenix home owner’s video testimonial. Honestly hear for yourself what he has to say about the putting green install. Evidently, he paid attention. Why do we say that? Because he mentions the whole process from design to installation. Furthermore, if you are still curious, we made a recent post about putting greens. We think you will probably enjoy it! You might want your own after reading. If so, give Paradise Greens a call. We can create a dream putting green for you. With time, practice and your favorite training putter (if you need that sort of thing), you will own any course in Arizona.

As for our customer? To say the least, he was happy about his finished putting green! Most noteworthy, this Phoenix home owner ended the video with the hang loose sign. Consequently, we know one thing. Seems like he will be “hanging loose” in his new backyard!

Read more about the details of the putting green project below.

Phoenix Backyard Dream Putting Green Design Becomes Reality

Nevertheless, this customer was happy his dream putting green came to life.

To quote him,… “[Paradise Greens] allowed me to freely choose where and how my putting green looked.”

To be specific, the putting green was designed per the customer’s dimensions. Also, our turf crew ensured that breaks and speed were set as the customer requested too. Finally, the putting green install crew installed official size aluminum cups and flags. Consequently, this could be your phoenix back yard! Keep reading for more information.

Phoenix Artificial Turf Company Offers a Product That Will Last

Since you rely on a good caddy to have your back, Paradise Greens will play that same role with your putting green install. Though, instead of having your back on the golf course , we will put one in your backyard. Honestly, we thinks it’s a fair trade. Plus, we offer products warranties up to 15 years depending on the turf product. Also, all of our turf is made in the USA. Finally, we are a local Phoenix company that has been around for 10+ years. That is long, especially when most turf companies only last a few years.

“We don’t plan on going any where else soon!,” states the artificial turf company owner,  “Rest assured, we will stand behind our artificial turf and putting green product for many years!”

One final thing. You could qualify for a rebate. one of our recent customers did when we installed her putting green. Want one for your Phoenix backyard? Contact Paradise Greens for your free putting green estimate!

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