We recently completed an artificial turf install at Camelback Inn Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona at their multi-use venue, Rita’s Lawn. Read why they commissioned Paradise Greens to install their artificial turf.

Why Artificial Turf over Real Grass?

Although real grass is highly desired in Arizona, it comes with many pain points. The resort expressed a few to us.


The resort came to us stating that the real grass was not doing well because of heavy foot traffic. The real grass was showing wear and tear. Women were also getting their heels stuck in the grass.


The resort’s management also complained about the grass area being wet from watering. The sprinklers would make the area too soggy for use at certain times of the day. When the grass was too soggy, the lawn needed recovery time to maintain its nice, green grass appearance. This would reduce how often they could use the lawn area.


In addition, their venue also was not usable at points during spring seeding and winter seeding.

Paradise Valley Resort Artificial Turf Install

We were excited when a local Paradise Valley resort commissioned us for this artificial turf install. We were happy to be back as this was a repeat customer of ours. Needless to say, the resort knew we could accommodate their needs. Our artificial turf was the solution to their problems.

We used our commercial sod removal machines for removal. We also installed a pre-emergent pellet as a barrier between the earth and synthetic turf. The quarter minus we put down helped to grade the area and assist with better drainage. After preparing the area, it was ready for the artificial turf install. Our crew meticulously cut the turf to precisely fit the dimensions of the area. They laid the turf perfectly so no seams would show.

Resort Quality Artificial Turf

With a resort such as this, trimming corners is not an option. From towels to linens, everything at this resort screams quality. Their venue required everything to be perfect, especially artificial turf since this space is a major venue for the resort.


Our artificial turf is such a top-quality product it’s really hard to tell the difference between it and real grass. Our turf is USA Made and is warrantied for up to 15 years depending on the product.

The Paradise Valley wedding venue was great before, but after this recent artificial turf upgrade, it’s now a perfect place for any event and any bride to wed on!


If you are looking to install artificial turf for a commercial project or your own home, contact us for a free in-person estimate. Our team will design an artificial turf resort-like oasis just for you!

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