Gilbert, Arizona Lawn Looking Greener After Transformation!

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Artificial Turf Review From a Gilbert, Arizona Customer

So we just installed artificial turf at a home in Gilbert, Arizona. And to be honest, the customer, Fabien Ponce, loved the finished product. He stated that the end result exceeded his expectations! Also, he was impressed with the quality of work and thought our products were exemplary. First, the turf lined up neatly with no seams. Next, the color was natural looking. Finally, he loved the natural feel of the grass. 

Honestly, this is all a testament to the products we use. Also, it speaks to our installers because we have some of the best in the industry. This Paradise Greens transformation leaves another Arizona lawn looking greener and we couldn’t be more thrilled. However, we aren’t the only ones. 

Why Clean, Artificial Turf Beats a Dirt Yard!

To begin with, Fabien was really happy with his decision to install artificial turf. Before, his backyard was barren. Now, it is full of lush turf.  Also, unsightly brown patches are now beautiful green spaces. Plus, dogs and kids can play in his backyard with no muddy mess. Before, any amount of rain put outside play time on hold for a few days so the mud could dry. Yet, those days are over. Consequently, his artificial turf will maintain its lush green color for many years to come. Also, don’t forget the best part – no watering is required to keep your lawn green! In addition, no mowing, fertilizers or dangerous pesticides either. So now you see why artificial grass is an attractive choice for so many.

Paradise Greens Keeps Your Arizona Lawn Looking Greener

Especially relevant, Paradise Greens has been in business since 2005 with an A+ rating from the BBB. Also, our company has received numerous awards for its keen eye for design, quality of product and flawless installations. Yet, we are always looking for our next great customer!

So if you are located in Gilbert and surrounding areas, call (480) 586 – 0655 for your free estimate. Remember, we can install artificial turf in any shape, size or design! In addition, we have a 15 year warranty on our USA made artificial turf products. Most of all remember, with Paradise Greens, your yard will be gorgeous everyday, rain or shine!


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