Artificial Turf Bocce Ball Courts in Arizona

by | Mar 13, 2017 | Artificial Turf Sport Areas

Bocce Ball Courts in Maricopa, AZWe are noticing a trend with home owners installing artificial turf bocce ball courts in Arizona! Here is why:


Why Bocce Ball in Arizona?

A Little Patch of Green

As it turns happens, the popular choice for an Arizona bocce ball court is not traditional sand – we have enough of that in the middle of the desert! Instead, the preferred material is lush and green artificial turf.  Artificial turf bocce ball courts are great because they deliver a delightful patch of green that requires no water or maintenance. Also, this is a great cost saving feature for bocce ball court owners. And remember, no watering and minimal maintenance means more time dedicated to other tasks. Ultimately, artificial grass offers a great productivity yield. Seems like this business made a wise choice!

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Outdoor Entertainment 

Another reason these artificial turf bocce ball courts are loved so much, is that they are great for entertaining! Due to Arizona’s climate, outdoor activities are extremely popular on summer nights. It seems cooler days, in months like October through April, offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Maybe this is why the sport is gaining in popularity as a new pastime. Since cooler weather is perfect for enjoy this popular Italian sport, Arizona nights are perfect for it! Also, it is very relaxing. Rather than sports like putt putt, bocce is fun for groups of friends and family. Yet, as few as two people can play. So that means couples can spend a nice quiet, competitive evening together. Of course, who wins is anybody’s guess!

Paradise Greens is the Choice for Artificial Turf Bocce Ball Courts

In conclusion, Paradise Greens in Scottsdale, Arizona just installed two bocce ball courts for a commercial installation as you see in the picture above. Yet, Paradise Greens installs artificial turf Bocce Ball courts in residential homes too. Maybe you think it sounds too good to be true but it’s not! To begin with, installation includes a 5mm foam pad for proper support. Almost all bocce players will tell you a good field makes the most difference.

To that end, turf material is made to perfectly suite a bocce ball roll! After our install, you could improve so much you might consider joining a league in your area. Plus, residential artificial bocce ball courts have one more great benefit. Especially relevant is this fact. Because it is artificial turf, no dirt will get tracked inside your home after game play. Obviously, the lady of the house will love you for this. To be honest, you will love it too.

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It seems like bocce ball is becoming more popular in Scottsdale and the surrounding area. However, if bocce ball is not your thing, Paradise Greens installs courts or fields for any sport including soccer, football and baseball. Furthermore, Personal putting greens are also very popular and we install those too. So call us for your free estimate today. (480) 580-0655

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