Seems artificial grass is an extremely popular landscaping choice in Arizona. Obvioulsy, this is because artificial grass is hassle free, needs zero water and stays green year round! Also, an artificial lawn means, no more spring seeding, fall seeding or outlandish water bills. With that said, we present some of the finest Arizona landscaping design ideas featuring artificial grass. So be inspired, and feel a sense of relaxation beginning to kick in, as you enjoy these artificial grass landscaping design ideas. Listed are some of the best residential and commercial landscaping designs. 

Arizona Landscaping Design Ideas

Artificial grass design ideas | pool side 

Who wouldn’t agree that along with a pool, a green lawn is a necessity in order to fully complete your oasis in the desert! Therefore, artificial grass, which promises a lush green lawn year round, is a pool side must! Also, say goodbye to mowing the lawn on your weekends and switch it out for sipping margarita’s poolside. Now that’s what we call one of the best Arizona landscaping design ideas! Furthermore, you can install artificial turf at your home or commercial space just like a hotel or resort.

Artificial grass next too pool Arizona

Artificial grass design ideas | seating area

Artificial grass is a splendid choice for your backyard seating area for you and your friends or family to enjoy (without the mud on their shoes or toes)!  Enjoy brunch or have afternoon tea while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors and awesome Arizona weather!  Also, the party can last well in to the wee hours of the night. It won’t end suddenly when your sprinklers kick on and send guests running for cover. With a new artificial lawn, your backyard could easily become the next trending hang out spot! Furthermore, for commercial spaces, imagine the boost in business for your restaurant or bar! Honestly, this is one of those obvious Arizona landscaping design ideas that could make a huge difference for your space!

Backyard seating area artificial grass arizona

Artificial grass design ideas | interesting spaces

Artificial grass requires no water which makes it flexible to install almost anywhere. Your artificial grass install does not have to be limited to the ground or just covering dirt. Imagine covering a wall, your patio or even your rooftop!  These ideas are a great way to bring the feeling of fresh green grass into any space. So if you are interested in commercial or residential artificial turf, talk to us! Do not hesitate to share your out-of-the box artificial turf ideas. You may be surprised to find that it can be done!

Artificial grass interesting spaces

Artificial grass design ideas | indoors

The best Arizona landscaping design ideas are unique. So, what about this one? Artificial grass can bring a sense of the outdoors inside without all the mud and dirt that come with it!  Also, imagine the possibilities of using artificial grass to dress up the indoors of both your residential and commercial spaces.  Install artificial grass to liven up a conference room, freshen your living room or spruce up a game room!

Artificial grass indoors

Artificial grass design ideas | intricate designs

Now, if you plan to include intricate designs in your landscaping project like: checkerboard patterns, repeating lines or geometric shapes, artificial grass is the best choice. Artificial grass can be cut to fit the most intricate shapes! Yet real grass, on the other hand, is hard to care for and hard to mow in small spaces.

See, we knew these Arizona landscaping design ideas would be a home run! Your design may look overgrown or your grass may turn brown which may tarnish the design you envisioned. If you want to make the most impact with the least amount of care and maintenance, go with an artificial lawn. Your design will last up to 15 years and can look just as good as the first day you installed it!

Artificial grass intricate designs

Artificial grass design ideas | pet runs

Another thing, pets love artificial grass. Especially relevant, if the other option is Arizona desert landscaping. Something about its mostly rock and dirt composition are turns offs for your pup. Some pets may even refuse to go to the bathroom on these barren rocky landscapes. Consequently, if you have real grass, other problems occur. For instance, you have to deal with your dog tracking in wet grass blades with wet with dirty paws from sprinklers. As a result, you will have to reseed during the spring and fall.

Instead, install an artificial grass pet run. Your Arizona dog will have their own little piece of doggy heaven right in your backyard! It will be a space for your dog to play mud free. Also, it will be a refreshing place for them to use the bathroom as artificial turf can have odor-neutralizing pellets added. So let’s design a residential pet run, large or small, your dog. And don’t forget, artificial grass is a great choice for commercial spaces like doggy day cares, parks and hospitals!

artificial grass pet run arizona

Artificial grass design ideas | sport areas

If you want to make your backyard a place where people will come together, consider an artificial turf sports area! Another option, have a custom putting green installed in an interesting shape. Furthermore, just cover a large area with artificial turf for an entire sports field.The best part? Enjoy these spaces for years to come without any mud or dirt tracking inside your house. Have a family golf team, soccer league or baseball team – family reunions will be a blast! Last, if you are concerned about it being too hot to play in the Arizona heat, install your turf indoors!

artificial grass design ideas sports backyard arizona

Artificial grass design ideas | kids play area

Don’t you wish your kids would play outside more? Maybe they would with a new artificial lawn! An artificial grass play area offers a soft, lush green space for kids. Honestly, they will prefer this to rock or dirt. Also, duck, duck goose won’t be a pain in the bottom any more!  Your kids can play harder and fall even softer. And, along with being tear free, artificial grass is sniffle and cough free too! Why? Because artificial grass is naturally allergy and pesticide free! The best part? Never yell at your kids again for playing in the mud because there won’t be any!  So have artificial turf installed at your home, or commercial spaces like preschools, day cares or kindergartens.

artificial grass arizona kids play area




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