Say No to Overseeding This Winter

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Why Go With Artificial Turf

Dead Bermuda Grass

As the temperatures get colder you start making preparations for the really chilly months that are just around the corner. That means you have a decision to make on your lawn. If you have a sod lawn the most popular method of keeping it green through a Southwest winter with perennial ryegrass. The problem is you have to do this year after year and its not a simple process. The price varies to maintain an artificial grass lawn but it can cost up to $1/sq ft per year in overseeding trying to maintain a natural green lawn in the desert.

Couple that with the cost of water, fertilizing, maintenance, etc. and you are looking at another ~1.25/st ft per year in costs. So that means your yard costs you anywhere from $2-$2.5 per sq ft per year just to maintain! Is it worth it? We don’t think so.

Overseeding? Consider Artificial Grass

So consider an alternative this year. As you plan to take a trip to the hardware store for more winter seed, consider artificial grass. One time cost, winter-proof greenery, and no overseeding required. In fact, you can virtually eliminate the need for all lawn maintenance. The benefit lasts all year, not just through the winter. You can have your lush green grass all year long and not pay for constant overseeding watering, fertilizing, etc. Your wallet will stop screaming every time you walk into a big box home improvement store. You might even save enough for a nice dinner on the town. With artificial grass, the savings are both direct and indirect.

Consider a synthetic grass lawn from Paradise Greens and do away with all these costs once and for all. We have one of the most experienced installation teams in the industry. Besides that, we typically find rank in AZ media’s Best of Arizona. We know what we are doing and can help you transform your lawn!

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