Artificial Grass Solves Maintenance Problems

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Artificial Turf Backyards, Before and After Photos

It’s hard to keep a lawn in the desert. Especially a backyard that gets lots of traffic.Sandy soil tends to eat away at natural grass. Toss in harsh weather conditions, like brilliance, blazing sunlight in the Arizona desert, and you have a recipe for wear and tear on your hands. So when this homeowner reached out to us with their concerns of a patchy, sparse lawn, we had the answer.The solution? Artificial grass of course!

artificial grass solves maintenance problems

We knew we could create the perfect look for their green space. Artificial grass solves maintenance problems because maintenance is essentially nonexistent. Before, our homeowner had to constantly worry with reseeding and watering their postage stamp lawn. Switching to artificial grass made the most sense because maintenance becomes a non-issue and the space is evergreen year-round.

How Artificial Grass Solves maintenance Problems

Seems like artificial grass solves maintenance problems and a few other things too. For instance, now they can have friends and family over with no embarrassment. Before, guests were met with an unseemly sandy lot. Now, a lush green space invites them all to relax together. It’s greener Arizona living at its finest!

As for the homeowner, they can say goodbye to cutting grass, weed eating, fertilizers, pesticides and watering. Instead, they can reclaim all of that time and spend it enjoying their new backyard. With all of these benefits, why would you not want to make the switch? Plus, the average lawn investment return is 6 years. After that, your synthetic lawn essentially pays you!

So are you considering a switch to artificial grass? Contact us. We can show you how artificial grass solves maintenance problems. Our installation crew is among the best Paradise Valley has to offer and some of our product warranties spend 15 years. This is why Paradise Greens continues to be a top-rated Scottsdale, Arizona business. Together, we can solve your lawn issues and give you the space you’ve been longing for!

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