Artificial Grass: The Ultimate Lawn Solution!

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Artificial Turf in Front Yard

A combination of the desert heat, lack of water and large trees basically makes growing a yard impossible. The solution? An artificial grass lawn from Paradise Greens! Take a look at this install to see what we mean. Paradise Greens made the impossible possible! A bit of explanation concerning artificial grass lawns is in order. Keep reading for details.

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Artificial Grass Lawns Make Everything Evergreen

Some people look at artificial grass lawns as an extravagant expense. Yet, in Arizona, it is more of a necessity. When drought conditions occur, water is scarce. Conserving it is top priority. However, there is only so much -non-use you can do in terms of water. You have to bathe and cook. Yet, you can remove a major water bust like lawn care by installing an artificial grass lawn.

Furthermore, in addition to conserving water, artificial lawns are a problem solver. That sandy soil area where grass will not grow? Artificial grass is the answer. And how about that shady spot that is, “vegetation averse?” An artificial lawn is the answer. In fact, it will look so good your neighbors may want one installed for themselves. Somehow, the thought of an evergreen lawn that looks lush in the shade is appealing to most people. And remember, no watering, mowing or maintenance. And while you will have to remove debris that falls from those shady tress every now and then, you will always have a nice soft surface to nap on when you need a break.

Paradise Greens Can Solve Your Shady Spot

So call us today if you want your own piece of evergreen shade. We have performed hundreds of artificial grass installs over our decade plus time in business. Consequently, there is nothing we have not seen or come up against. Seems like that would be reason enough to give us a call right there. We promise when you do, you won’t regret it!

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