Does Water Conservation Matter to You?

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Recent News

Seems like Arizona homeowners need to start thinking about water conservation matters. According to the Arizona Department of Water Resources, the average home lawn uses a lot of water. In fact, lawn maintenance is responsible for up to 70% of their monthly water bill.

However, one of the options they can consider is artificial grass. So if you replace your traditional lawn with an artificial lawn you put that 70% back in your pocket. And remember, this does not include the costs of other maintenance. Furthermore, no more mowing or hiring someone to cut your lawn. In addition, no pesticides or fertilizer. Best of all, no more brown spots! Plus, with the lack of water on everyone’s mind, artificial grass is a viable solution. Particularly if you live in the southwest, artificial grass is a huge help. It allows you to conserve Arizona’s water supply without giving up the beauty of a backyard lawn.

water conservation matters

So why all the fuss over artificial grass? Seems like synthetic turf has truly evolved from the rough, brittle, plastic, slippery surface of the past. “Modern synthetic turf is soft, plush and available in many styles. Chris from Paradise Greens points out “From tall blades to shorter thatch styles, there is a life-like product to suit every taste. And, it can be installed around trees, between flagstone steps, and against surfaces which cannot be mowed or made wet.” It is water conservation at its finest!

Paradise Greens Can Help with Water Conservation Matters

So if you want to join the water conservation movement call us! First, our designers will come out to your residence or commercial site with samples of our exclusive artificial grass products. Next, we will also go through our extensive portfolio book of before and after images.

Finally, comes the fun part. Our install team goes to work bringing your lawn to life. Goodbye watering, hello evergreen! With our invaluable layout and design experience we look forward to making your project the envy of your neighbors. We are ready, how about you?

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