Artificial Grass and New Home Construction

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We have lots of clients that plan ahead when building their new home. Instead of spending a lot of money starting with a natural grass lawn they install artificial grass instead. This helps speed up the return on investment and spreads the cost over multiple years which is a win-win! Artificial grass is perfect for new home construction or remodel. Here’s why.

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Why New Home Construction is Perfect for Artificial Grass

When doing something new, it is always best to get everything settled at the beginning if you can. of course, there will be some snags along the way with planning and development, but most of this is substance over style. Big issues are first as part of the overall plan.

With that in mind, artificial grass makes sense on a few levels. First, instead of planning for top soil, grading, fertilizer and pesticides, easier things take their place. Things like infill and artificial grass product replace them. Second, instead of installing sod and nursing it for weeks, artificial grass stays evergreen indefinitely.

Also, think of the tax credits that could offset some of the install cost. Many areas offer credits to homeowners for choosing artificial grass over natural grass. It’s a way to get rewarded for your eco-conscious efforts. And speaking of eco-conscious, artificial grass has a very low impact on the environment. Since no pesticides or fertilizers are in play, nothing ends up in our water supply except good, clean water. Also, no harmful pollutants from lawn equipment, and no noise pollution either.

Finally, new home construction is perfect for artificial grass because maintenance is minimal. Could you think of an easier way to enjoy your new home? No lawn maintenance means more time to enjoy your new home. If you are building, and want artificial grass to make your lawn a little greener, reach out! We are Paradise Valley’s choice when it comes to new home construction. We won’t disappoint.

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