Artificial Grass Lawn Before and After

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Recent News

One of the things that makes an artificial grass lawn great is it allows you to add a splash of color and design to an outdoor space. Take this one for instance. without it, the space would just be all brown. What a phenomenal way to add a pop of color in the desert! But wait, that’s not all! There are several more benefits.

artificial grass lawn

Artificial Grass Lawn Benefits

To begin with, artificial grass never needs watering. This not only saves on maintenance, it also cuts down on your water bill. And while this customer may not reap a huge benefit from a lower water bill since their yard is so tiny, people with large green spaces certainly do.

Also, don’t forget the other maintenance aspects that go away. With an artificial grass lawn there is no need to use any lawn equipment. Those things can stay inside the garage, or better yet, be sold. You can kick back on your front or back porch and enjoy your lush green space while everyone else around you sweats it out mowing grass in the hot Arizona heat.

Finally, your wallet will thank you for saving money on pesticides and fertilizers.You see, in order for bugs to be present in grass they must have the right components for a habitat. With artificial grass, there are none of those. Therefore, your lawn remains pest free. As such, you don’t need to spend money on pesticides.

The same money-saving benefits apply to fertilizers as well. Since artificial grass doesn’t grow there is no need for expensive fertilizers. It remains green year-round and all you have to do is stand the blades up every so often with a rake.

So if you’re considering a switch to artificial grass, give Paradise Greens a call. We will be happy to create a lush green space for you, and our quality can’t be beat. We are the artificial grass lawn professionals you turn to when you want the job done right. Take a look at this before and after photo again. You can’t argue with that!

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