Before and After: Artificial Grass Saves Water

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In the desert it is almost impossible to keep a nice backyard without consuming enormous amounts of water. Well not any more! Check out this Paradise Green’s client and how they transformed their backyard with artificial grass. This transformation is proof artificial grass saves water. Keep reading for details.

artificial grass saves water

How Artificial Grass Saves Water

So in the desert, life is grueling if you are a plant. It’s tough enough for people, but plants have it really bad. unless you have a mechanism for storing water, you will ultimately wilt and die. That is, if you rely on normal seasonal weather patterns. The other option is to use enormous amounts of water.

It works, but comes at a a cost to you and the environment. So think about that the next time you drive past your neighbor’s house with geraniums in full bloom. They didn’t just happen. instead, those plants receive plenty of water to keep those blooms churning out. And there is nothing wrong with that, if you live in a southern state that receives plenty of rain.

However, here in the desert, conservation is a must. So that’s where artificial grass comes into play. Replacing your natural lawn with artificial grass has several benefits. The most obvious? No watering. So kiss irrigation and sprinkler systems goodbye when you install artificial grass. Consequently, it requires zero water to maintain it’s lush, evergreen appearance. And this is how artificial grass saves water.

Conserve Water, Call Paradise Greens

So if you have given thought to making a switch, we just gave you just gave you justification. Call us today. We are Scottsdale and the surrounding area’s answer for evergreen lawns. And while we can show you how artificial grass saves water, we have a better idea. Let us show you how it saves money. Your wallet and wife will thank you!

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