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by | Sep 16, 2013 | Why Go With Artificial Turf

In the winter months, residents in the Phoenix area tend to over-seed their lawns. This uses an average 8 gallons of water per square foot. Furthermore, the city of Phoenix has estimates nearly half of all water used in homes is used outdoors. Using that much water in an area that doesn’t get much naturally can end up costing a lot of money. Synthetic grass lawns could be the answer. Why?

Because, during winter months, Bermuda grass goes into a dormant state. It is a common grass to use in the summer since it is able to withstand dry spells, but it does require a lot of watering to look good. Then in the winter, it turns yellow. It looks like the grass has completely died.

As an alternative, many home owners have resorted to using rye grass, which requires scalping sod each year. This can take a lot of time and money. In addition, rye grass needs replacing in the summer months to avoid dying off. Otherwise, it turns patchy and uneven.

Sod Scalping Costs More than Synthetic Grass Lawns

Also, sod itself is not very costly. Typically it runs less than $1 for a square foot. However, scalping and re-sodding itself costs more than installing a synthetic lawn. And this doesn’t consider things like  labor, watering and mowing. Seems like synthetic grass lawns are a good idea after all.

The cost of using water has continued to raise as Phoenix valley has seen severe drought conditions. It’s projected rates will increase again in 2014 by over 5 percent\. And while those are city numbers, it’s likely the same story will apply to suburbs. Yet, synthetic grass lawns lower costs of outdoor water use.

That’s why synthetic grass makes sense for your lawn. Not only will you save the money from scalping the sod, but won’t have to pay for winter seeding. You can keep your lawn looking lush and green for the entire year. It’s safe, reliable and water/energy efficient. Consider all of the benefits that you can get from synthetic grass lawns and inquire today.

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