Artificial Grass Infill for Dogs

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Recent News

best artificial grass infillSo Paradise Greens is the exclusive distributor for ZeoFill® in Arizona. ZeoFill® is a non-toxic granule infill. It is a deodorizer. And to be honest, it’s the best artificial grass infill for dogs. The odor controlling property of ZeoFill® is astounding. Plus, ZeoFill® is 97% pure. It contains very few impurities. Other pet odor granule companies containing the following ingredients:

  • nickel
  • chromium
  • lead
  • clay
  • silica
  • volcanic glass

They require would twice as much product to accomplish the same odor controlling effects as ZeoFill®.

Best Artificial Grass Infill Designed to Eliminate Pet Odor

ZeoFill® is most effective when mixed into the fibers of the turf. The recommended rate is:

  • 1 pound per square feet for smaller dogs
  • 2 pounds per square feet for medium dogs
  • 3 pounds per square feet for large or multiple dogs.

The surface of ZeoFill® granules are continuously adsorbing. This means they trap ammonia gas, preventing it from escaping. So whether a dog urinates on ZeoFill®, or near it, odor is no problem.

100% permeable, water flows through Zeofill retaining 55% moisture. This cools turf for longer periods of time than silica sand. Yet, it still maintains odor controlling properties too. Zeofill cools turf fibers up to a 20 degree difference. It uses evapotranspiration (the sum of perspiration and evaporation) to do this. This is nature’s way of cooling real sod.

Also, no need to replace after time either. ZeoFill® will recharge itself every time it rains. In addition, turf enzyme cleaners work great with ZeoFill®. This is perfect for drier climates where rain is scarce.

Unlike silica, ZeoFill® is 100% natural and environmentally Safe. Therefore, it will not harm the body if ingested. In fact, ZeoFill® actually detoxes and removes hazardous materials from the body.

ZeoFill® is sold in 50-pound bags.. It is specifically engineered to keep lawns sanitary by controlling urine smell. Also, you can apply ZeoFill® on top of any existing infill no matter the age. What a great product for your maintenance program!

The Zeofill Key Ingredient

The key ingredient in ZeoFill® is a non-toxic organic certified substance. Consequently, it adsorbs (not absorbs) ammonia odors from pet urine. This is similar to putting a box of baking soda in a refrigerator. So what does this mean? ZeoFill® is the best artificial grass infill for dogs! And, it’s eco-friendly too. In fact, Zeofill contains no heavy metals or silica dust. So if you want an artificial lawn made for your pet, contact Paradise Greens! We create odor free lawns!

That’s right, we will create the perfect space for your pet. Furthermore, we have some of the best installers in the industry. And for quality? Well, we can’t be beat! Just type “Testimonial” in the search bar on our site to see what we mean. You will find a rather lengthy list of testimonial posts from satisfied customers.

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